Clearasil Blemish+Marks Scrub AND Wash&Mask review

Clearasil Blemish+Marks Scrub AND Wash&Mask review :
Okay, so it’s kind of, sort of obvious that I’ve been away for a weensy bit. I’ve been kind of super busy, I mean, I’ve started work and quit two weeks later (care is totally not my cup of tea!),and I lost a little bit of weight so that has definitely gave a little confidence boost!

So not that long ago, I was got a chance to receive some Clearasil products (A scrub and a wash which doubles up as a mask)


Clearasil Blemish+Marks Scrub* Clearasil Blemish+Marks Wash&Mask*

Clearasil Blemish+Marks Scrub :

Clearasil-Blemish+Marks-Scrub-review Clearasil-Blemish+Marks-Scrub

Clearasil Wash&Mask

Clearasil-Blemish+Marks-WashMask-review Clearasil-Blemish+Marks-WashMask


So as you may already know, I was kindly sent two obviously Clearasil products to try out (and two to giveaway). I’ve been using these both for quite a while, mainly when I’m in shower. I use the Scrub first which feel scrub-y (you know, how most scrubs feel? yep…) although, I would say it’s not as harsh and grainy. After I’verinsed my face, I then use the Wash&Mask which feels smooth and creamy and wear it as a mask whilst conditioning my hair so I probably leave it on for maybe five minutes max even though it says a minute on the back, whoops and then just wash it off. Oh, and they both sting when you get it in your eyes, so you’re probably best not too! Anyways, I’ve noticed once I’ve came out of a shower, my skin feels super soft and my‘problem areas’ appear much less red which is great. So far, they are slowing disappearing and nowhere near as visible which is obviously great!

Have you tried these products?
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