Clear cube dupe Makeup Storage

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I hope that you are all having a fantastic winter – no matter what you celebrate or where you live!
Personally, I can’t believe it’s a little bit into December and we don’t even have any snow yet!
Usually in my town we are hit with feet the second the temperature drops, but we don’t even have anything on the ground, just a bit of rain.Anyway, onto more exciting matters…makeup storage clear cube dupe
I was watching a makeup collection video on YouTube, and this lovely girl had what she called a dupe for the clear cube, and it definitely intrigued me. She purchased off of eBay, so I went on over and found several different models (hers was sold out) but another seller was selling a larger version, however it didn’t have dividers inside the drawers like the clear cube.

I sort of solved that problem by purchasing a few of my own little containers and dividers and using the two that it came with.

I had excellent experience with this seller, and would highly recommend it. For one third the price of the Clear Cube, you can’t go wrong.Only problem I had at first was that one of the drawers was sticky, but then I found out that if you just switch the drawers around that they fit, sometimes the person packaging switches up the order they are supposed to be in (each drawer fits somewhat “uniquely”). Now each drawer slides beautifully, and there are no problems!
1 make up storage
So here is the entire system, it has five drawers and a top compartment with a lid, similar to the Clear Cube.
Each drawer is just shy of being deep enough to house a MAC MSF standing straight up. It is about the same depth as the 10 drawer cart that I had prior to this.
The entire system was $149.00 plus $15.00 S&H
2  X divider
The top compartment came with this X divider, so I just tossed all of my lip products in here. Didn’t organize it that well so it looks a little clustered! Basically have my high end lip glosses in the front, lip balms and treatments in the triangle on the right, drugstore lipgloss on the left, and drugstore lipsticks in the back.
3 First drawer
First drawer has my face products in it. Toward the back I put an acrylic drawer organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond to hold my primers, then my foundations and powders are all lined up along with my concealers.
4 Second drawer
Second drawer is where I put the two dividers that it came with, I just put them in and divided up my bronzers, highlighters and MAC MSF’s.
5 Third drawer is blush
Third drawer is blush!
6 Fourth drawer
Fourth drawer has another organizer in it from BB&B, with mascara, liners and lashes. Then behind that is my Too Faced and UD palettes and UD Primers.
7 Last drawer
Last drawer has two more organizers from BB&B, and all of my eye shadows, paint pots, pigments, and bases!My overall opinion -I have always loved the look of acrylic storage, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s going to take me awhile to figure out exactly how I want it organized so that it looks uniform and what not. It houses a lot of products, while also not giving you the excess of space to where you feel like you need to fill it and waste money.

I would definitely suggest this to anyone who really has been lusting after a Clear Cube but doesn’t want to pay the price tag. Its beautifully built, extremely durable and absolutely beautiful to look at. I love seeing all my makeup peek out!

I hope that this was helpful for you if you’re looking for new solutions!


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