Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel review

Clean On Me – Soap & Glory Review:

So… I love products that do double duty – blushes that double as lipsticks, mascaras with built-in lash serums, moisturisers with good sunscreen protection… You get the idea.

Recently added to my list of favourites is a shower gel with built in body lotion that is actually really affordable – say a warm, cuddly and luxurious hello to Soap & Glory’s Clean On Me.



Cleanliness is essential when godliness is improbable.

Oh Soap & Glory – when are you going to stop whispering sweet nothings to me? Your tagline is adorable!

Confession time: My body skin doesn’t get nearly the attention it probably deserves. I’m lazy with body lotion, I hate shaving my legs, and I honestly cannot remember the last time I bothered to exfoliate my legs or arms. Um… oops?

The annoying part is that I didn’t even know I should be looking for a body wash-lotion until I went looking for another daily shampoo and Boots was having a Soap & Glory 3 for 2 sale. I picked Clean On Me up on a whim.

To begin, here’s how Soap & Glory describe Clean On Me:

What is it? A creamy clarifying shower gel with natural mandarin peel extract and built-in body lotion.

What does it do? For soft, smooth, sexy skin whenever you want it, Clean On Me is the perfect product. Its alluring scent of Soap & Glory’s signature Pink Fragrance combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes, and warm vanilla.

The Review

Firstly, if you know me by now you’ll know I don’t like citrusy scents, and Clean on Me is very fruity and citrus-y. Surprises were in store though, because I actually really like the way this smells – it’s delightful, fun and girly. I wouldn’t wear it as a perfume but in the shower, it’s just enough to perk me up in the morning.

The texture is lovely. It’s a thick, opaque and creamy but lighter than a body lotion, which I like in a shower gel. It lathers up really nicely too which saves confusion at 7am when it’s still dark in London, I’m bleary eyed and sometimes can’t remember if I’ve soaped up everywhere I’m supposed to.

It rinses off easily and doesn’t leave a weird film – just soft skin!

I use about 5 pumps every morning, and this stuff will last a long time – I’ve used maybe an inch of the bottle.

How it makes my skin feel? Let’s just say this: London’s fierce winds have been testing my poor, poor skin despite many layers of protective clothing. While my arms aren’t gleaming like Beyonce’s, they’re not a dry, parched, bumpy desert like they were before I started using Clean On Me. They are, dare I say it, kinda soft. I have zero complaints, and I’m really excited to see what Clean On Me does when it’s warmer and I’m not drying my skin out in the aircon-wind-aircon cycle. I suspect it’s going to be all kinds of awesome.


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