Clean & Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Scrub Review

I love a good scrub in the morning (if you pardon the expression), and when back in Bath over the festive season, I foolishly left my normal scrub back in London. A quick tour to Superdrug led me to Clean & Clear’s Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Scrub, which instantly caught my eye with its bright yellow sunshine packaging (not to mention the fact it was reduced on offer) – the perfect remedy for a drizzly winter’s day.

Clean and Clear morning energy

Described by Clean & Clear as “gently exfoliating and… uniquely formulated with papaya and lemon extracts. The formula not only removes dirt, oil and impurities, but also leaves your skin visibly brighter all day long. Gentle enough to be used everyday. Refreshing citrus fragrance”.

Unlike other scrubs that I have used, Clean & Clear’s Morning Energy scrub gently exfoliates skin with its impressive bursting beads, rather than rough and sometimes quite harsh granules, making this the perfect daily remedy for your skin. This scrub, with its gel texture, glides easily onto the face, and on massaging the skin, the bursting beads get to work, and ever so softly buffs away dead cells and dry patches, leaving behind squeaky clean, beautifully bright and wonderfully smooth skin. Since using, my skin has looked healthier, brighter and much more refreshed and has quickly become my scrub of choice. What I especially adore about this scrub is its irresistible and refreshing smell. With its citrus undertones of lemon and papaya, this is the most wonderful awakening pick me up in the shower and is now up there with my coffee as a morning essential.

What a fabulous product from Clean & Clear. I will certainly be picking this up again – it’s a truly great little scrub, and what makes it better is that it can be used everyday. Truly fantastic and worthy of its five stars.

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