Clean and Clear – Clear Fairness Cream Review

Hello beauties,
Happy weekend gals. Today I will review Clean and Clear – Clear Fairness cream.
Though I am not much in favor of fairness creams, because I love the skin I am in. But I do favor Oil free products that don’t clog pores. This cream was never on my wishlist but just happened to me, I saw this on chemist shelf and this cute pink tube looked appealing to me. But after using this cream what I think read you can read below
Clean and clear
What the company says:
2 clean & clear back packaging
  • A pinkish fairness formula that lasts 3x longer.
  • Its breakthrough formula enriched with cherry extract and multi- vitamins instantly brightens and lightens skin for pinkish fairness.
  • It’s unique Pure-rice oil control system  helps control oil. It also contains UV filters that protect skin from harmful UV rays, that also calls darkening.
  • leaves skin pink and oil free.
Directions to apply: 
Apply evenly on freshly cleansed skin off face and neck. To enjoy best results use along with face wash (under same brand 🙂  )
Fairness scale to measure results:
3 fairness scale


Cream’s consistency:

4 creams consistency

Its thicker than lotions but thinner than cold creams, some what a normal consistency.

 Price and Qty:

 40 gms for 120 INR


5 clear and fairness

 A long list…you can see in picture.

6 with sunscreen


7 clear fairness packaging


 This comes in a cute pink tube, easy to carry in handbag. It has transparent cap with lid to open and get cream.
 I have not seen this cream in online store, but locally its available.
My take on this cream:
Let me start with ingredients, on reading the star contents I was very happy. But after using I felt its total money waste. Cherry extracts and oil control by Pure- rice oil.  Firstly to be true I have never seen effect of any fairness cream on my skin. they can control oil, which is like blessing. But fairness a complete no no. I have good skin and actually don’t require any fairness cream. But oil control formula is always required.
Though this cream is so extreme in controlling oil that this made dry white patches on my skin 🙁
Nopes its not allergy but like cream makes my skin super duper dry and I hate this thing. I don’t know what will this cream do to people with dry skin.
If we talk about quantity and price relation I found this pricey. But now after using I think, its a pricey cream with no effects. I always see cute packing’s and end up buying vague products. I won’t recommend this cream to gals seeking fairness and oil control. this can make your skin weirdly dry and tight, as if some mask is applied on face.
If I talk about sun protection formula, they have not mentioned SPF on tube. I am using this cream since few days and one day in hurry to go some here I wore this cream only without my regular sun block. Result was badly tanned skin and I am applying face packs for it :p
So what I want to say is along with negative fairness points, this cream is a failure on sun protection point too.
This cream doesn’t clog pores but makes patches on skin, i think this doesn’t get inside skin :p
Tube is safe to carry in handbag, it won’t open and spill in bag.
I won’t recommend this cream to anyone and will neither buy this for myself again.
a quick list of pros and cons:
  1. Loved the cute pink packing.
  2. It won’t open up itself and spill in handbags, so travel friendly.
  1. This may control oil but will make you skin super duper dry.
  2. Pricey as this does nothing good on skin.
  3. SPF factor is not mentioned on tube.
  4. No fairness is seen on skin after using, I used for a month.

My rating:- 1/5 (one mark for cute tube)

Will I repurchase: No
Do leave comments what you think about this cream, if you have used this cream or were planning to buy.

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