Clarins HydraQuench range – HydraQuench rich cream review

Clarins HydraQuench range – HydraQuench rich cream  review:Clarins HydraQuench range
It’s no secret that my skin has been extremely dry this winter. You’re probably sick to death of hearing about it right? I’ve decided to include some of my favorite Clarins skincare in a few posts. I will be putting together a full skincare routine post for dry skin at some point (if you’d like to see one? comment below) but until then, enjoy this little taster!
I absolutely adore Clarins. It’s a brand of sheer luxury and no matter what your skin type, the products deliver to all of your skincare needs. I started researching for a moisturiser for very dry skin and the end of December. I’d had enough the of uneven, dull flaky skin that had taken over my whole face. I was breaking out from the cold and my skin was itchy where it was so dry. It was horrible.
There’s quite a few different products in the HydraQuench range. The moisturiser is available in a normal to dry skin form, and then the rich cream which is aimed at very dry skin. HydraQuench rich cream stood out to me mainly through the promise of a rich cream that was targeted at the very problems I’d been experiencing. With the rich cream focusing on amending issues of irritation and dehydration that unfortunately comes with dry skin.  I headed to Boots and picked this up and honestly, I don’t know whether I’ll look back.HydraQuench rich cream
It’s so thick. It’s like having butter for your face! The risk you take with thick creams like this is whether they’re going to leave you looking like an oil slick. I did worry about this slightly but after applying it the first time and seeing my skin practically lap it up in a matter of minutes, I needn’t of worried.
I apply HydraQuench rich cream every morning to my face and neck after cleansing. Before I started using this it was impossible for me to wear foundation; I’d end up looking flaky and awful from even just a light application. The texture of my skin has been transformed. Whilst my skin is still really dry, this provides moisture that lasts throughout the day. I’ve stopped breaking out and my skin is once again even in texture and colour.
Clarins skincare is quite pricey but in my opinion 100% worth the money. You get a lot of product for you money and this will last me through the rest of winter. Clarins is all about quality, and it’s that which will always keep me coming back for more. In the Spring I’ll probably switch the lighter version, depending on the condition of my skin.
I bought my jar of HydraQuench rich cream from Boots for £33.50. If the price puts you off try buying when there’s a Debenhams beauty code flying around. They’re always about!

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