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Clarins Colour Definition 3D Radiance Face Powder Review

Hello their again ladies, this time here is my review of the Clarins Colour Definition 3D Radiance Face Powder!


Clarins Paris 3D Radiance Face Powder

The ‘Clarins Colour Definition 3D Radiance Face Powder’ Is a part of their fall collection and it is limited edition. I have seen their other products in this collection and I have to say that this was the only thing that immediately got my attention.


Clarins in red velvet pouch

The compact comes in this beautiful velvet red pouch to protect it, which I think looks very classy and protects the case from finger prints and scratches.


Clarins gold mirrored packaging

The case itself has that traditional Clarins gold mirrored packaging with the trade mark ‘C’ on the edge. It does look very sleek and expensive looking. The compact isn’t too heavy to carry around which is a bonus.



Gold mirrored packaging of Clarins

Now on to the exciting bit, the product inside the compact.



Inside of Clarins

 This pixelated design is truly unique, I think clarins has decided to jump on the bandwagon of beautiful face compact designs for example lancome, Dior and Guerlain, so it is nice to see that clarins have expanded their makeup range with seasonal releases.  The main colours of the pixels in this product are two skin tone shades, with a slight shimmer for that brightening glowy effect but it doesn’t add any obvious shine to the face when it is applied. It has a few lilac and pink shades in the pixels and when swatched all together it comes out as a pale pink shade on my finger.

Clarins combatting shiny t-zones

The powder feels very smooth and not too powdery. This powder works well in combating shiny T-zones but I wouldn’t recommend it for taming oil all over the face. You would probably need a different powder for that. I used this during the day to touch up any shiny areas on my forehead nose and chin and it worked perfectly.


Clarins colour is surprisingly very pigmented

 Each colour is surprisingly very pigmented when swatched on its own. and if you wanted to just use the pink and lilac colour for a blush, you could easily pick up the colour with a smaller brush. This would only work on paler skin tones such as NC15-20. I am more tanned at the moment so it doesn’t show up as well on my skin but in the winter when i am not as tanned I could use it as a blush. At the moment i just take a big face brush and swirl it around and apply it all over the face and it imparts such a beautiful radiance and brightening effect.

Clarins nude shades are quite neutral

This powder would suit both warm skin tones and cool tones if used as a radiance powder all over the face because of the colour combinations. The lilac helps to add a brightening effect to the face and the pink will add some radiance and a healthy colour. The nude shades are quite neutral tones so I think it would suit most skin types under NC30. If you are any darker you could use this powder as a highlight.

My first impression of this product was that it looked beautiful but it could be just another gimmicky product. I stand corrected I do in fact think this face powder is something much more than gimmicky. I definitely recommend if you love pretty makeup packaging like I do.
I’ll be quite gutted when the pixel pattern goes after frequent usage and especially as I won’t be able to buy another one as it is limited.
RRP: £27.00
You can get it for £24.00 at Essentual.