Clairol Nice and Easy Lightest Golden Brown 96 Review

Clairol Nice and Easy  Lightest Golden Brown 96 Review

hello everyone 🙂 welcome back to my page! I must admit I have been very bad and not posted in almost 20 days! shock horror! so tonight I am writing for you so that you don’t think I have left you all.

now for those of you who don’t know I am a natural blonde. I was a very blonde baby but as I ot older my hair colour got darker. it got to the point where I had dark brown roots but blonde tips so it looked like I had badly dyed hair. eventually I got bored of it…

and so for the first time in my life I have dyed my hair! (FYI I have had highlights once before though ) I decided to go darker because for years I have wanted dark brown hair. and now that I am nearing 18!! I wanted a nice mature colour to show off my new adultness that I will have Thursday 🙂


so for hair dye I chose colour 96 lightest golden brown because it was probably the darkest I dared to go in case brown didn’t suit my complexion.

I also decided to get semi-permanent with no-ammonia because as I am a first time dyer I didn’t want to ruin my hair and not like it. so this way I get to try a new hair colour and then if I am sold when it starts to wash away then I will buy the permanent version.

I got these from superdrug for ‘2 for £8’

 as I have thick hair I had to use two boxes because my mum knew that one box simply wouldn’t be enough and we left it on for 20 minutes so a bit longer than the recommended 15.

the above picture is my blonde hair and so the ‘before’ shot


this picture ^ is my hair today, the day after I dyed it. I had to wash it this morning as it had an orange tinge to it, particularly my roots. however, after washing it the tinge faded and now I have lovely brown hair. 

all in all the dye process was quick and simple and I love the outcome. it is still weird and something I have to get used to but I am seriously considering dying my hair this colour permanently.

the conditioner also left my hair super soft and silky so for those of you who are new to dying their hair I would definitely recommend the ammonia free products first before you go into the permanent dye. because seriously I was scared of doing damage to my hair and then not like it. 
Clairol -

please let me know what you guys think and whether you feel it suits me 🙂 any feedback is greatly appreciated…

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