Ciccone Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetics brand, launched in 2001, that sells a range of lipsticks and a clear gloss. I won Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick in Oceanus ($25 AUD) inKirsten‘s competition at the recent Adelaide Beauty Blogger Meet. She kicked off the competition by saying, ‘I’ve got two of these lipsticks, but there’s four of you,’ to which I was all (in my head), OH MY GOSH, THIS IS JUST LIKE SAW.

Let’s observe a moment of silence in commemoration of the next-level bling of Ciccone Cosmetics Lipstick in Oceanus:



That’s right.

Even the brand name Ciccone Cosmetics makes me think of pop music and sparkles and possibly conical bras and then intense muscle definition and Kabbalah, Ciccone being as it is Madonna’s surname before she decided to laugh in the face of naming conventions (By the way, I tried to Google ‘What year did Madonna drop her surname?’ and EVERY SINGLE RESULT on the first page was an article about LINDSAY LOHAN dropping the LOHAN, of all things).

But anyway, as you would know from the dossier you are collating about me, I have been told by a sales assistant that I wear the same shade of Hourglass foundation as Madonna, and from that moment on I have felt quite an affinity for her. And much the same with this lipstick… Well, at least the colour. Oceanus is a warm, brightened, mid-tone peach-pink:


Pretty. The formula itself is unscented and applies smoothly, but quickly sets to an semi-opaque, semi-matte finish, and for that reason I suppose it is both quite long-wearing and tends to highlight any dry patches on my lips. Here are some comparison swatches, but I feel likeOceanus pulled more orange here than it does in ‘real life’:


Here’s a picture of me wearing Oceanus, and you can see it pulls more pink on my lips (And also, don’t you think I sort of have the defeated eyes of a hostage victim here, as if I should be holding up today’s newspaper?)