Sleep in Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set review

Sleep In Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set review: Hello girls! Hope you’re all well, Sorry I’ve been such an unsociable blogger lately. Christmas is my busiest time of year for work so I’m doing my best to keep writing and chatting with you all because I’m missing it so much. Sleep in Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set reviewToday is the first post to my Christmas gift series, If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a girl that loves big glamorous hair then sleep in rollers is for her. Sleep In Rollers do lots of fantastic gift sets for this special time of year so they’re guarantied to have something for everyone, This is the Sleep In Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set.

The Set Contains;
10 Mega Bounce Sleep-In Rollers
10 Original Sleep-In Rollers
1 Drawstring Bag Hair Dryer Hood
1 Velour Pouch With Grips
A DVD Tutorial by Hollie Wakeham
Sleep in Rollers  review
 As you all know I’m a big fan of Sleep In Rollers, They’re the easiest way for me to get the volume I want with no fuss. To start I washed and partially dried off my hair, and then sectioned my hair piece by piece adding my rollers. I focused the larger Mega Bounce Sleep-In Rollers at the crown of my head so I would get the most volume their, then rolled the Original Sleep-In Rollers around the lower half of my hair. I set these with a dusting of hair spray and then popped the Drawstring bag Hair Dryer Hood on, When I first inspected the Hair Dryer Hood I thought I must have an unusually small head because this would drown me and surely cover my whole face as well, this is not the case! haha. The Hair Dryer Hood sits comfortably on the Sleep In Rollers although I would say use a smaller Hair Dryer for attaching to the end of your Hair Dryer Hood as it doesn’t have the biggest tube.Sleep in Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set
After I sat and watched a little TV whilst my Hair Dryer Hood was working its magic, I didn’t want to take it off! Its rather chilly now and it kept my head lovely and warm. After 10-15mins I carefully took the Hair Dryer Hood off and slowly unraveled my Sleep In Rollers, My hair was so voluminous with lots of flicks and curls which made is oh so easy to style. Everything a party girl needs to have fabulous hair! and the DVD Tutorial is very helpful if you don’t really watch Youtube so you can just quickly watch this and your guide will be on TV. I so much prefer this from than reading instructions, I really like to watch a video to see how to do something like this unless you have step by step pictures really show you what to do.
Here is my hair !sleep in rollers hair
This would make a really lovely gift for anybody you know that loves having big gorgeous hair without lots of fuss! What do you girls think? Is this on your gift list for anybody now?

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