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Christian Eyebrow Stencil Kit in Irid Brown Review

Hello there beauties here is my Christian Eyebrow Stencil Kit in Irid Brown Review!

Eyebrows basically frames your face and most importantly your eyes.
It is equally important to pay attention not just to your eyes but to your eyebrow shape as well.
 Well-groomed and well-defined brows are essential to good looks.
Whatever shape you have curved or angled, eyebrows are known for their ability to either soften or harden certain facial features.
For some, creating perfectly shaped brows can be difficult and time-consuming.
Moreover, being a mom in our modern world, where time is very essential, makes it all more difficult to have finely shaped brows. To address and alleviate a fashionable mom’s (and other chick out there) modern dilemma, I thought that it would be interesting to share with you what I’ve recently found at Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5 Branch…
Christian Eyebrow Stencil Kit in Irid Brown
2  Eyebrow Stencil Kit in Irid Brown by Christian
Yeah, it’s the Christian Brow Stencil Kit that includes..
3 Stencils- that are designed to guide us in creating Thick, Thin, Natural shaped eye brows
A Two way ended brush applicator
A Water Resistant Brow Powder
A Mirrored sturdy black compact that houses the stencil kits and a palette of brow color.
3 Christian eyebrow kit
8 Colours available: 
Taupe, Tan, Brown Bronze, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Irid Brown and Black.
Sure you’ll get the perfect for your skintone and hair color.
4 Christian brow set irid brown
For reference on Nc20 Skintone

  • The Brow powder is well pigmented, water resistant, smudge proof, and smooth that glides on easily and perfectly in each application. Long wearing. It’ll definitely not require for any re-touches.
  • Irid Brown is my perfect shade match, it’s not orangey and reddish. True Brown.
  • The two way ended brush is  made of natural bristles designed to gently brush the eyebrow powder on the stencil to create a much defined arched brows.
  • There are Eight powder shades available to choose from. Sure you’ll find your match for your hair color.
  • Fills in perfectly the sparse areas and scars
  • Results are natural and softer compared to eye brow pencils and tattoos.
  • Great and safe alternative for dyes and tattoos.
  • Stencils are efficient enough as a guide for plucking and filling in the brow color.
  • Transforms any pale short thin brows into a nicely shaped and arched brows in seconds.
  • The packaging is really pretty. Gold embellishment contributes to its sophisticated classy look.
  • Quick and super easy to apply.


  • The price is quite steep. However, I find the product worth it for the price tag. Still cheaper compared to anastasia stencil brow kit that I’m really lemming for ages. Though I’m satisfied with this brow kit already.

5 how to get defined brows in seconds

How to get defined brows in seconds:
  • Choose the stencil according to the width and length of your desired brows. With mine, I’m using the Thick Stencil.
  • Brush your eyebrow in an upward motion so that the hairs are laying flat against your skin.
  • Align and firmly hold the stencil securely over the natural curve~ with the natural start and end points of your eyebrows so, all the hairs are inside the stencil.
  • Lightly dab your brush on the brow powder. Tap off the excess and apply by gently shading in  the sparse areas using short feathery strokes to the direction of your hair growth to give your brows the distict natural arched shape rather than solid coloring.
    Make sure to Fill in the entire brow, keeping them inside the stencil.
  • For added intensity, brush the powder on in both directions. For softer look, take a clean mascara brush or spoolie, brush through your brows to blend in the color.
  • Remove and clean the stencil’s excess brow powder before using it again for the other brow.


  • Have your eyebrows shaped to fit your face. You can use the eyebrow stencils and tweeze them yourself.  Though, it’s still best to visit a professional brow technician for the best results.
  • Choose the shade that is close to your natural hair color. Choose Powders- if you want softer looking brows.
  • Work on on your brows after your foundation routine. Dusting a thin layer of loose powder over your face, for oil free skin is best to avoid the stencil sticking on face.
  • Begin applying at the inner corner of the brow.
  • Always Fill in the entire brow using the short feathery strokes for softer look, rather than having a solid coloring.
  • Use a clean mascara brush or spoolie through your brows to soften and blend in the color.
  • Clean the areas by applying a concealer or any liquid highlighter under and the brow bone~ for much cleaned and defined shape.
  • You may tame and hold the brow hairs by applying brow gel.
Where to buy and How much? You can get it in any Beauty Bar Branch for PHP 1,395 approx. $32
you may also visit Beauty Bar Philippines online shop Here!

Have a great week ahead hunnies!