Chriselle Lim: A Classic Statement for Summer

Although your fashion style is infinite and serves you well in most instances, you could express a more classic fashion individuality by gaining some inspirational ideas to incorporate into your classic statement this summer.
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Chriselle Lim is one of the most influential fashion stylist and classic style trendsetter in the fashion industry. Starting off her fashion career as a fashion stylist, she spent years of editorial launches with prominent fashion books and celebrities. In 2011, Chriselle introduced her blog The Chriselle Factor to motivate, educate, and inspire all women around the globe through her unique style, beauty tricks, runway trends, and fashion hints.

Her style adapts with time and changing seasons, but one thing that stays is an impression of classiness and femininity. She is influenced by classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn who was effective to make bold sartorial choices while having an aura of timeless class. Classic is described as timeless, but simple – cuts in garments, fine fabrics, and leather footwear and bags. Chriselle believes that classy yet simple outfits will make the greatest statements.

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Sometimes, a simple dress is all you need. You can let your natural attributes take the focus. Try to get a dress that is sleeveless but not strapless and with a hemline that hits just below the knee. A good number of classic style dresses and skirts fall to the knee. And look for value in your dress choices.

classic white long sleeves and skirt chriselle lim classic suit and slacks chriselle lim classic dress and hat chriselle lim classic black long dress chriselle lim classic boatneck chriselle lim

Have a few classics and signature pieces in your wardrobe. This could be a plain blouse that is very simple, a black or white turtle neck, boat necks that show off the collar bones, well-tailored blazer which can be paired with a suit for work, a metallic top and pumps for going out, and V-neck sweatshirts. Also, capri pants in many styles and sizes, and black slim leg slacks suit an informal and daily look. Footwear like a pair of ankle boots, stiletto heels, a pair of flats, pumps, and accessories such as neck scarves in neutral shades are must-haves for a classic style.
Accessorize appropriately by buying just a pair of simple pearl button earrings and sunglasses for day-to-day style. However, don’t take the size of these items to suggest that you must wear a lot of clunky accessories. Just put on one piece of jewelry at a time.

classic blouse chriselle lim all black classic chriselle lim

Stick to simple designs and neutral colors. Stay away from unusual cuts or loud patterns. Focus on one shade of your outfit to highlight your figure. A classic style brings out many neutral colors, especially black, gray, white and frequently navy. Prefer solid colors, rather than prints. The key is the proper fit. If a dress fits, then there is no need to pull attention to it with extra ruffles or loud patterns.

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On the other hand, you can also punch up your wardrobe by adding bright color pops and more prints. Express your classic individuality by adding some clothing with ruffles or other feminine details. Bold and loud prints are always a go.

classic white chriselle lim classic polka dots long dress chriselle lim

Emphasize the delicate parts of your body – the waist, ankles, and wrists. Be it high-waisted slacks, or a thin waist belt that the focus of your outfit is on your waist, not on your hips. You should also avoid miniskirts and low-cut necklines. To highlight ankles and wrists, pick ankle-length pants and three-quarter length sleeves. A belt cinched in the midsection of a dress creates a lovely shape. The classic, tailored, and semi-fitted clothing makes the wearer looks thinner and thus taller. Monochromatic fashion style is another technique to look longer and leaner.

You’ll benefit from projecting a more contemporary classic look. Be careful of gravitating towards more pricey clothing because the value is important to you. Be classic and practical and only invest on classic pieces that have the priceless value. Some of the known labels to shop for classic clothing are Talbots, Ann Taylor, Barrie Pace and more.

Flaunt your classic and feminine fashion individuality by your sartorial choices. This summer, express a spirit of a timeless class and make a fashion statement.

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