Chicago Shopping Haul : Beauty and Clothing

My Husband and I have made it to the Windy City!
While it was difficult leaving my family in New York, I think that this was just what we needed to make a new life for ourselves.
The only downside is that I did have to leave my job in New York obviously, and I absolutely dread the process of looking for work all over again. I will keep you updated on my job prospects 🙂
On another note, we are meeting with a realtor next week to start getting an idea of housing in this area and get ourselves ready to move into our own home! I am over the moon about that, seeing as how it has been my wish for a long time to really have a space that I can make my own.
The first couple days we spent unpacking, and today I finally got a chance to just go out and explore a bit. My mom was sweet enough to send me a gift card to do some retail therapy out here, other than that I am happy to say I’ve spent less than 50 dollars out here (shocker, big city = Claire goes BROKE). I am really sticking to my spending limit and focusing on the big picture (a HOME!)
*Some other good news!* 
I have decided that I am going to start fresh with a new YouTube Channel!
Soon I will be filming favorites videos, outfit and fashion videos and more!
Hopefully Santa will bring me a new computer, but until then, I am going to try my hand again at YouTube with A LOT more effort!
I am really looking forward to it – so subscribe to my NEW channel!ClaireDoesMakeup
I wanted to share the items that I purchased from Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack and Charming Charlies!
The first couple items are not from the stores I listed above, but were from a quick stop at Sephora. As you know from my last post, I was able to find the Buxom Lip Gloss in White Russian, and when I was checking out, I completely forgot that I had a free birthday gift! The free gift this year was a duo of the mini Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, in regular and rose tinted. I definitely love these lip balms, but with their original price tag, I hope that I don’t get addicted.
2 collared shirts
The day before we left for Chicago, I was watching a haul video that showed a top from Marshall’s that was sheer with black trim and gold buttons. I rushed to the only Marshall’s we have to see if by chance it was available, but no such luck. I was able to find a shirt relatively similar to it for only $12.99. This is such a great find because I have been really into collared shirts with some sort of detailing or embellishment. This is adorable with the leopard print trim and yellow gold buttons.
3 skulls bracelet
Now onto the things I actually purchased here!
 I have been seeing a lot of skulls lately, and I have to say I am definitely on board with this trend. I think that they are such an edgy piece to add to any outfit. I can see myself rocking this bracelet from Charming Charlies with just a basic white tee and jeans outfit.
I found this bracelet in the silver section of Charming Charlies for $9.99.
4 juicy earrings
I stopped into Nordstrom Rack with my mother-in-law, and saw some really gorgeous jewelry from Juicy Couture. I am definitely a big Juicy fan, (except some of their purses and jewelry are just NOT my style), and I was really happy to find these on sale for less than $25. I love that they are just basic gold hoops (which I don’t own a single pair of!), with the embellished JUICY logo and a small diamond on the side. I think that these again are just a great accessory to amp up a simple outfit.
5 hard case from Coach
I was looking into getting a new pair of sunglasses, but I decided to just save my money and to keep the Guess ones that I have right now. They still have a lot of wear left in them! I did however need a hard case for them so that I could keep them in decent condition, so I picked up this hard case from Coach. Now I can hang onto my glasses a little longer 🙂
6 Michael Kors belt
Also from Nordstrom Rack, I was able to find this ADORABLE belt from Michael Kors. I don’t have a thicker belt that I can just wear with any pair of shorts or jeans, so I figured this was a justified purchase. On top of it being adorable, it was only $25. It has gorgeous animal print detailing on the front, and a coppery rose metallic pattern on the inside. The belt buckle is a sturdy gold with the Michael Kors logo on the top. I can’t wait to rock this belt!
7 scarf
I always find myself ending up at Forever 21, do you have that problem?
I have been into scarves lately, and when I saw this pretty mint-baby blue scarf for five dollars, I scooped it up. I don’t really have that many scarves, and most of the light weight ones that I own are patterned, so I thought this would be a nice solid pop of color that would be a lot more versatile.
8 collared tops
9 tops details
I told you that I was into embellished collared tops!
I found this AMAZING piece at Forever 21 for around $20.
I love that it has the sheer cream fabric and then the collar is just an absolutely gorgeous statement.
I love these type of tops because you don’t have to worry about accessorizing, and I honestly am not a necklace fan!
10 tank top
11 tank top back detail
Last but not least, I was able to find this tank top with the exposed back at Forever 21 for around $15. I really love that this piece is simple, so it can be dressed up or down, and it also can be worn with so many different bottoms and accessories. This is another basic piece that I love having in my closet, especially for Spring and Summer!
That is all for now!
What are you shopping for?

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