Chic Ways to Wear the Cowgirl Fashion Style

Outdoor celebrations are great for reminiscing country and western styles like the cowgirl or American farmers’ style which does have its deserved place among the trendiest fashion style you can opt for. Though cowgirl fashion style may seem boyish and tomboyish due to the nature of the flexible and edgy style, you can still look chic when you learn some fashion tricks in wearing this style.

classic button down shirt with flared jeans

classic shirt with jeans and cowboy boots plaid shirt with denim shorts

Be creative on your cowgirl looks by cropping or knotting your button down shirt to show your midriff, a traditional feature of the cowgirl fashion, and wear your cropped shirts with skinny jeans, flared pants, or even denim shorts. You may opt for a neutral colored button down shirt rather than pastel ones and plaids or tartan prints for a more western vibe. Just polish your looks with cowboy style belts and boots.

chambray shirt with jeans denim dress with chic hat denim jacket with denim shorts denim top with denim shorts and flannel shirt

Denim on denim is one of the creative features of the cowgirl style. You may opt for a chambray shirt, denim jacket, denim jeans, denim shorts, denim overalls, and even denim shirtdress to complement the theme. For chambray shirts, you may crop the style by knotting them or just tie a flannel shirt around your waist for a cowgirl vibe. Zippers and masculine inspired design details are the next common features here.

leather skirt with suede boots and bag suede dress with knee high boots suede jacket with denim dress suede skirt with crop top

Suede is another silhouette known for the cowgirl style. You may look for fringes and tassels details on your skirts as well as accessories like bags and boots. Kimono with suede or leather with suede is a great pair for channeling your American farmers’ style. You may also opt for a patent leather with a glossy finish as long as it sticks with drab shades of black and brown, and skipping those colorful versions of leather. The same rules apply to suede and classic colors like navy, burgundy, mustard, and such are good too. Western embroidery is the next impressive detail you can opt for, which can be matched with details like floral patterns and abstract motives, also complementing the looks with lace patterns.

feminine blouse with jeans and cowboy boots off-shoulder top with jeans sexy top with denim shorts white outfit with cowboy boots

Like we have mentioned earlier, cowgirl fashion style or American farmers’ style may still look chic and feminine in spite of its boyish nature. Give some twist to the cowgirl style by opting for chic and feminine ensembles like a dress, chiffon blouse, mini skirt, off-shoulder top, and even crop tops. Just spice your looks with cowgirl inspired accessories such as cowboy boots, cowboy hats, cowboy belts, and so on. Matching the masculine vibes with high-waist vintage inspired options are also a good idea too.

bandana scarf with cowgirl outfit brown outfit with kimono cowboy boots with casual outfit cowboy hat with cowgirl outfit cowgirl outfit with lace up shoes

Whether you’re donning a modern or traditional take on your cowgirl fashion, you may always give a touch of Western fashion through your accessories. If you’re not a fan of cowboy boots and love to wear sneakers instead, go for it, but get a cowboy hat to top your looks. A simple tank top and jeans can transform into a cowgirl style by just wearing a bandana scarf and a cowboy hat. A laid-back and casual outfit like an oversized sweater and ripped shorts look great with cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a suede bag.

It’s time to channel your cowgirl fashion style whether it’s traditional or modern that’s always cool and stylish. So, don’t hesitate to put these theories to practice and be more fashionable than ever.


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