Chic Ways to Wear Polka Dots Modernly

Despite the pattern having a reputation for being overly retro or a reminder of Minnie Mouse, polka dots are now seen in the streets and even on the runway in a modern style. Looking for inspiration how to put your own unique and chic spin on the classic pattern? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks to wearing polka dots modernly.

orange top with polka dots pants

polka dots shirt with jeans polka dots top and leggings polka dots top with dress pants

In wearing this classic pattern, you have to consider how big the dots are and the silhouette of your outfit. For instance, loose garments look good to have random dots on the pattern while perfectly lined small dots look best for more polished silhouettes. You don’t have to aim for the standard black-and-white or blue-and-white polka dots but go for bolder and unexpected hues. Though classic button down shirt is typically plain when paired with jeans, why not play with polka dots pattern in creative shades of gold, silver, and such to add some glam to your modern looks.

sheer polka dots blouse sheer polka dots dress

Instead of reaching for sheer clothing without any pattern or embroidery, go for polka dots style that can give you a classic feel with a modern vibe. Keep the rest of your ensembles simple to keep the focus on your statement dresses or blouses. If you have the guts, you may opt for a ribbon headband or ribbon clip in a neutral shade to channel your playful vibe in a sophisticated way.

polka dots blouse with polka dots blazer polka dots scarf with polks dots blouse polka dots sweater with polka dots shirt polka dots top with polka dots skirt and red shoes and clutch polka dots top with polka dots skirt

When pairing polka dots with polka dots, you may pair the same scale dots in different colors or pair different sizes of dots in the same colors to give balance to the looks. This trick is modern since pattern mixing is not a classic or even kiddie style. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may pair polka dots patterns on your scarf with your blouse, crop top with a midi skirt, a sweater with a shirt, blouse with a blazer, and so on. Instead of just opting for metallic jewelry with sharp edges, opt for pearls or other spherical shaped ensembles that may keep the harmony of your polka dots theme. The blazer can also tone the polka dots up or down. Pair it with a neutral or solid colored blazer that will make the polka dot clothes stand out or go for subtle polka dots and pair them with funky and colorful blazers to tone them down. By doing this, you keep it modern and chic for your style.

polka dots crop top with shorts polka dots outfit with tropical print jacket polka dots with striped skirt

Don’t be afraid to mix polka dots with other prints such as stripes or tropical prints for a very runway look. Just keep in mind which of the two prints should stand out. When you wish the polka dots pattern to stand out, then let it be bigger in scale and bolder in shade compared to stripes or plaids you’re going to match with them.

polka dots dress polka dots cropped top with polka dots skirt polka dots crop top with polka dots skirt

When you wish polka dots to make a statement for you, then wear it in a more visible manner like wearing it with a maxi dress or a crop top with a maxi skirt. Also, a crop top is a modern garment whether you pair it with a skirt, pants or shorts, it will still look modern. And crop top is a fashion piece that looks best on polka dots print to make it modern and sexy.

A retro and classic print can be modern with your chic ways of wearing them. Flaunt your playful and creative style on the streets and show off how your unique spin makes the style worth wearing.






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