Chic Ways to Wear Distressed Denim

Got an old pair of denims that you no longer wear but still fit? I myself have a few pairs sitting at the back of my closet that I’d already forgotten about until the other day when I decided to do a wardrobe detox. I thought about throwing them away but I remembered a few couple of outfit ideas that I’ve been seeing on Pinterest forever so I decided to distress them instead. Distressed jeans are perfect for creating sassy street style looks but you can also dress them up so they’re ready for casual days at the workplace. I know a lot of women who aren’t too interested in distressed denim because they think it looks too unkempt but when worn with the right pieces, your distressed denim can be anything but sloppy. Here are some ideas on chic ways to wear distressed denims.

  • Skinny – a lot of the distressed denim pants that I’ve been seeing around are the baggy type but if all that you have are skinny jeans, that’s fine too. In fact, distressed skinny denim jeans are better if you want to create a sexier and cleaner silhouette. This look is perfect for your everyday outfits and you can wear it with just about anything you have in your closet.
  • Nice top to wear with tight jeggins

skinny ripped and distressed distressed skinny jeans

  • Street style – want to go all out on the street style look? Choose a pair of distressed denims that aren’t too fitted. You’ll want some space to move around in. Wrinkle it up to give it that worn-in look, do a messy ankle roll on each leg and you’re all set! Now all you need is something simple and easy on top like a tank top or a shirt and you have yourself a street style look that you can wear on a day out with your most fabulous girl friends.

slouchy street style worn out street style distressed denim

  • Dressed up – thinking of a new look that you could sport to work for Dress Down Friday this week? Why not wear your distressed denim with a sexy cami and a cute blazer on top? This look is simple yet chic and it’s perfect for young adults who want to look stylish at work. Keep the level of ‘distressed-ness’ to a minimu, though. You’ll want to sport a pair of denims with mildly distressed patches and not gaping holes.

distressed office jeans striped blazer outfit

  • Tough chick – want to give your trusty ol’ sweet and girly style a break? How about sporting the tough chick look today? Wear your distressed denims with a leather jacket and maybe even some leather boots to get that badass look. Don’t forget to put on your sunglasses to add an instant cool vibe to your look!

leather jacket outfit leather lace and jeans

  • Tomboy-ish – hanging out with the guys later to watch a game of football? Why not blend in by doing a tomboy-ish kind of look? Pick out a cool sweatshirt or maybe an edgy graphic shirt and wear it with your nearly shredded distressed jeans for a comfy look that you can wear all day long. Finish the outfit off with a pair of sneakers of some Timberlands or perhaps even your favorite pair of Doc Martens and you’re good to go.

striped sweater outfit sexy tomboy outfit

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