Chic Ways to Nail Nautical Fashion

You don’t need a yacht to take pleasure in the nautical fashion! Nail the look with anchors and stripes galore without getting into deep water. Nautical style is classic and stylish. So, get in on this nautical look with these fashionable ideas.

Wear the nautical colors.
bold red nautical theme

nautical colors red heels nautical inspired top in white jeans
The essential nautical colors are navy, white, and red. These three colors are remarkably nautical, and when matched together, the look will be unmistakable. Denim can also have a nautical feel! These colors instantly bring to mind refreshing sea breezes, flapping sails, and a cool lifestyle. Establish an outfit in these colors and you’re on course to look nautical inspired.

Dress in nautical style.
anchor pattern top nautical sailor dress nautical style overall nautical theme ship designed dress nautical themed outfit nautical top anchor

Nautical style is very preppy that structured designs are a key part of the look. Nautical style includes of ropes, anchors, and gold or silver buttons. Dress and pants should be razor-sharp and slim cut, but can be cuffed for a more laid-back look. Tops are often striped. Boat necks are well-liked and make sure the fit is slim, not baggy. For a classic nautical look, go for a navy jacket with silver or gold buttons. If it is a more refined impression that you are looking for, pick for nautical colors like with blue on the top and white at the bottom. Go could opt for anchor and rope prints, embellishments, and patterns. Just maximize some of your favorite tops and bottoms to establish a totally nautical vibe.

Play with stripes.
navy blazers in striped top nautical stripes red nautical stripes top stripe dress

The nautical style is a matter of stripes and patterns. Navy and white stripes or sometimes red stripes are an essential part of nautical style. With designs, try to create some balance for a sleek sailor look. If you have a large bottom half you’re better to stay away from a striped bottom. But you could opt for a striped top with a solid navy skirt. The thin, horizontal stripes are slimming. When being dressed in wider stripes, try to outline your figure with a belt or, try a blazer to rule the trend and spotlight your nautical style!

Add a pop of nautical accessories.
tote anchor bag boat shaped bag nautical outfit

If you want to dip a toe into this look, ease into the style with nautical-themed accessories. You can establish the nautical inspired attire with just one great piece. Try anchor-shaped stud earrings, chunky gold jewelry, anything with ropes or knots, a watch with a nautical pattern, or a necklace made from rope. Another option if you are concerned about stripes making you look wide, reach for a striped tote, flat sneakers, espadrilles, and sandals to get the same nautical vibe. Bring your favorite pair of sunglasses. Add in a few splashes of bold red with your accessories like a red neck or headscarf. Even a fedora hat with a rope or anchor on the top or a scarf printed with ships could be a means to put some coastline style into your look!

Wear a complementing makeup.
bold red lips in nautical stripes

Daring red lips, cat eyes, and fresh, flawless skin are the perfect complement to a nautical attire. The trick is to enhance, not overpower, and to flaunt your nautical fashion style. An artful makeup like winged black eyeliner, rouged cheeks, and a lustrous red lips will pull your whole look together.

Mix the classic nautical colors and a few stripes to your wardrobe to express your inner sailor with a nautical-inspired look.

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