Chic Ways to Layer Your Outfit with Kimberly Smith

Layering your outfit in a chic and sleek look may be challenging as bulky and heavy look is commonly the end result of piling too many layers. The mind behind Penny Pincher Fashion blog, Kimberly Smith is an American style blogger known for her creative outfit featuring classic, feminine, and sophisticated layers. If you’re wondering how creating a chic layered outfit seems possible, keep on reading for her styling tricks.

shirts under chic top with leather trousers

shirts under chic top with pastel coat and leather trousers shirts under chic top with pink pants and coat shirts under chic top with straight leg pants shirts under chic top with trench coat and cropped pants

When creating a chic layered look, you must first get the right and structured fit of every ensemble you’re going to wear. Slouchy and oversized items are definitely out of the equation to keep your layers non-bulky and polished. Like Kimberly, you may start by wearing your crisp button-down shirts under your chic tops whether it’s a cropped sweater, round neck blouse, or a feminine crop top. Then polish your looks by picking for a chic and structured coat, blazer, or vest when adding layers, but you may just wear them if you feel they’re just enough.

denim vest with structured blazer and straigh leg pants fur vest with suit and pants leather vest with structured balazer and plaid pants sleveless trench with striped blazer and skinny jeans

Wearing a vest with your coat or blazer can look chic too. Just keep the heavier fabric like wool, cashmere, and fur on the outer layer while cotton and chambray on the inner layer. Take note of the coordinating colors that look great together like neutral on neutrals or even monochrome shades. Clashing prints and bright colors together won’t look chic and polished so better skip them. You may mix prints nicely, but if you think wearing them together will just take the sophistication away from you, then skip them and stick to plain with prints style.

blue sweater with vest and printed skirt bomber jacket with turtleneck and skirt tunic sweater with skirt tunic turtleneck with leather trousers turtleneck with velvet coat and burgundy pants

Wearing knitted turtlenecks in your layered outfit may be one of the contributing factors to creating a bulky look. Like Kimberly, always wear the heavier fabric on your outer layer like chunk knits and tunics, and keep those lighter fabrics like lightweight knits. Since a bomber jacket typically has the heavier and bulky look, Kimberly wore it on her outer layer while keeping her lightweight turtleneck on the inner layer on her outfit.

fur vest with sweater and skirt vest with sweater and cropped pants vest with sweater and striped skirt

For a simpler layering trick, wear your sweater with your vest creating a more polished and sleek outfit. Vests don’t have sleeves like jacket, coats, and blazer that can make your layering less bulky especially if you’re wearing a body fitting sweater. As a rule of thumb, always go for classic and neutral shades that go well together to create a chic and polished look. Moto vest may look great when worn in a chic style, but resorting to fur vest looks more sophisticated and chic.

blazer with tank top and skirt belted shawl with coat

Piling layers on an outfit may seem uncomfortable in the warm months, so wear less and lightweight layers if you’re a fan of the creative look. Wearing a printed blazer with a chic tank top and skirt may be enough. Just go for chic and structured styles to make your outfit look more fashionable even if there are a few layers present. Like Kimberly, you may just opt for a chic coat and opt for a stylish shawl or scarf acting as your added layer and belt them together for a polished and sleek look. Indeed, creatively layering your outfit can create a less bulky and chic look that will make you feel more stylish and comfortable.

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