Chic Summer Jewelry Ideas

No matter how cute and chic your summer wardrobe is, it is never truly complete until you have fabulous summer jewelry and other accessories to go with what you have in there. If you’re someone who likes to stick with classic and minimalistic styles, you’re probably all set with the same set of jewelry you wear everyday with almost all of your outfits (save for that special combination that you save to go with your fancier outfits for more special occasions) but if you’re more of the adventurous kind, I bet you love switching up your jewelry along with the change in season and, of course, fashion choices. This summer, make sure you have something cute to wear with your gorgeous outfits. Check out these chic summer jewelry ideas you can create or put together easily to match your summer wardrobe.

  • Boho jewelry – summer and Boho chic fashion go hand in hand and if you love sporting the Boho look, having Boho-inspired accessories is a must. Boho jewelry is mostly made of wood and metal as well as some fabrics and strings and all things natural and earthy. If you want to add a bit of color to your look, you can wear colorful stones and gems, too. Stack up bracelets and rings, layer your necklaces and wear long, dangling earrings and adorn your hair with feathers and beads stringed onto a headband – these are just some of the ways to style Boho jewelry for summer.

turquoise themed boho jewelry

colorful Boho inspired jewelry Boho jewelry for summer

  • Ocean inspired jewelry – if you can’t come to the beach every single day this summer then make the beach come to you! If you’re looking for ways to take a little bit of the ocean with you wherever you go this summer, one of the best ways to do so is to wear ocean inspired jewelry. It can be anything from a bracelet with a shell charm to a ring with stones as blue as the ocean to a necklace with a cute starfish pendant. It can be anything that has something on it that would remind you of the ocean or the beach.

alex and ani beach charms bracelet layered beach jewelry shell and starfish jewelry

  • Bikini body jewelry – body jewelry is basically some chains that’s supposed to go all around your body as some sort of adornment. You can choose how dainty or how chunky you want your body jewelry to be but I find that the daintier they are, they sexier the look you get. While you can definitely wear body jewelry anytime with any outfit, I think they look the sexiest against bare skin when all you have is a bikini on.

colorful swimsuit and sexy body chains vs bikini and body jewelry

  • Street style statement jewelry – lastly, if you’re someone who loves to spend summer out in the streets, soaking up the sun and the surroundings and just letting your feet take you places, I bet you’re looking for summer jewelry that will make your summer outfits pop and make you stand out from the crowd as well. Street style summer jewelry can be anything that’s bright, bold and chunky. You can wear them one by one or stacked and layered up together all at the same time. If you like wearing simple street style outfits, opting for statement summer jewelry is always the best way to go.

summer silver streetstyle jwelry summer bib necklace


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