Chic Layering Styles for Winter

With the numbing cold outside, you might find yourself going for layers and layers of clothing. But putting them on piece by piece is not enough, as you need to coordinate your clothes to look trendy this holiday season. Brave the cold in high style with these chic layering ideas for winter.

Sweater + Button Down

These two pieces make for the classiest way to build your winter outfit. Truly timeless, this layering style is one you can take from work to play.

white sweater and button down

burgundy sweater over button down

Vest + Sweater

If you want a versatile look, then make sure to top your sweater with a vest. You can look casual with a down/puffer jacket, and look luxurious with a fur vest. You can even build more warmth by layering underneath (or over) your sweater.

red vest over sweater fur vest over sweater

Crop Top + Anything

One way to create warming layers without looking too bulky is to throw a crop top over anything. It can be a button-down top, a sweater or even a dress. This way, you get to hop on the crop top trend without baring your tummy to the freezing cold.

crop top over dress black crop top

Turtleneck Sweater + Dress

If you want to wear your favorite spring and summer dresses this winter, one way to do so is to wear it over a turtleneck sweater. With this layering style, you can expand your clothing choices for the holiday season.

printed dress over turtleneck

dress and turtleneck

Jacket + Another Jacket

If the cold is too much for you to take, then consider topping your jacket over another jacket. The best way to do so is to use a thin jacket (say fine knit) and a thick one (denim or down jacket.) This way you won’t end up looking too bulky.

jacket over denim jacket blazer over denim jacket

Long Gloves + Sweater

A fashionable way to seal your hands from the cold is to wear a long-sleeved sweater with long gloves. Apart from keeping you warm, long gloves can add a touch of class to your winter outfit.

long gloves over gray sweater long gloves over sweater

Layers of clothes can make you look bulky, but you can attain a great look by following these chic layering styles for winter.

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