Chiara Ferragni: How to Wear Denim on Denim with Flair

The denim on denim, or pairing a denim item with other denim pieces intentionally is an ever growing trend that looks casual and laid-back. However, it can be quite tricky as it may easily make your outfit look dull and boring. If you’re looking for ways to wear denim on denim with flair, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from the Blonde Salad fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni as she makes her style effortlessly chic, fashionably expressive, and cool.

denim jacket with stylish pins and platform sandals

denim outfit with colorful scarf denim shirt with belt statement sneakers with denim shirt structured bag with denim on denim outfit

To add some interest to your denim on denim outfit, opt for colorful and eye-catching accessories like a scarf, sunglasses, bag, shoes, belt and such. Fashion blogger Chiara creatively styled her denim jacket with stylish pins with logos and graphics that shows her playful and cool personality. You may opt for metallic or glittery sneakers to add some glam to your look. If you’re not a fan of colors, you may go for neutral shades of belt, sunglasses, or even a structured bag. Neutral colored belts break up the denim on denim look in the most dramatic way as well as feminine shoes or a bag that tickles your fancy.

denim jacket and jeans with denim sneakers denim scarf with denim shirt denim shirt with pants and cute bag light denim jacket with tank top and denim shorts washed denim jacket and denim shorts with crop top

Make your denim ensembles shade-coordinated like blue denim jacket with blue denim jeans, white denim jacket with white denim jeans, or faded denim top with faded denim shorts. Denim head-to-toe outfit will look fabulous in a matching shade as it avoids looking overdone, but stylishly intentional. Feel free to match the shade of your denim outfit with the shade of your accessories like Chiara did. Go for a cute clutch bag, denim sneakers, denim cap, or even denim scarf.

leather jacket with denim shirt and white jeans denim skirt with chambray top denim jacket and graphic tee with denim jeans colored denim shorts with denim top chambray cut out shirt with jeans

On the other hand, mixing different shades of denim in one outfit looks creative but stylish. Non-blue neutral denim obviously provides a greater contrast to a blue denim top. Like Chiara, you may opt for a yellow-colored denim shorts to match with your blue chambray top, or go for a lighter shade of chambray top to pair with a darker shade of denim skirt. This way, you’re making your outfit creative and trendy. If you’re not a fan of blue jeans that scream casual, go for white or black shade of denim jeans instead that’s more polished and sleek.

printed denim jacket with tank top and shorts printed blazer with chambray top and denim skirt printed tee with denim jacket and denim shorts printed denim jacket with jeans printed denim jacket with denim shorts

Chiara creatively opted for denim items with stylish prints and patterns or even logos and graphics that show her personality. Show off your quirky side by going for novelty denim jackets that will serve as your statement piece in your denim-on-denim outfit. Also, wearing printed tees, graphic tops, printed blazer, patterned tank tops and such with your denim jacket and denim bottoms will look great perfect for a casual street style. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, be creative teaming your denim-on-denim outfit so you’ll make your street look playful with flair.


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