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Chanteuse L`Aromatica Perfume review

Chanteuse L`Aromatica Perfume review :

Chanteuse – n. songstress. Often sings popular songs in a cabaret setting .

Even before I’ve finished applying L’Aromatica Chanteuse from my sample vial its thick, oily wood notes fills the air around me. It’s perfect for today. Outside the rain is coming down so heavily that I can barely see the city from my balcony and my usually warm apartment has a distinct chill. On days like this I love a thick, heavy scent that takes the edge off the cold.
L’Aromatica is owned by Loreto Remsing and can be found on Etsy (she was formerly selling under shop name Loreto). There are an interesting mix of scents on offer, mostly made with natural ingredients and she is (once again) offering custom perfume services – you can read about my experience with her custom perfumes here (please note prices quoted on that post were correct at the time of blogging and may have changed).
Chanteuse is described as Part chypre, part floriental with a heavy dose of Woods, Florals, Spices, and Madagascar Vanilla…Rich, deep, mysterious and just a little smoky with a long dry-down.”
Now, I’m no expert on chypre fragrances, however this is what I imagine they smell like. There is a deep greeness to Chanteuse, a thick, mossy scent that mingles with damp woods and a hint of patchouli. Straight from the bottle there is a light citrus note that fades very quickly on the skin and as Chanteuse dries down it becomes deeper.
There are flowers mixed into this forest-like centre, although they do feel a little lost amongst the woods and greenery. What they do add is a certain femininity, a hint of sweetness amongst the resin-y warmth of Chanteuse’s other notes. Chanteuse has a slight headiness to it as well, the combination of spices, smoke and woods are just intoxicating.
I don’t detect the Madagascar vanilla mentioned in the description, however I don’t feel that Chanteuse is lacking because of this. It is absolutely a scent I would consider buying a full bottle of.
The 5ml oil current sell for $24USD and 1 oz EDT for $42USD. Please note that the EDTs are only available within the USA at this time, so Aussie customers will have to go with the perfume oil option. Samples are also available in the L’Aromatica Etsy store if you want to try them out first.