CHANGE OF HAIR COLOUR -from black to lighter brown

So after my waste of money on the colour B4 my friend who is a hairdresser agreed to do my hair and i finally decided that i would need to bleach it to acheive the colour i want. She put bleach on my hair then dyed it the colour i wanted which as a lighter brown (fudge dye 6.5). I have had black hair now for 6 years!! I really needed a change as the only change ive had in this time is a full fringe. Before: change of hair color

After: change of hair color.JPG2change of hair color.JPG3                                                      FUDGE HAIR DYE 6.5 I absolutley love my new hair and i think i like it so much because of the fact i havent had a change in so long. Ive had alot of positive comments from people about it also. This is my hair without extensions as i havent purchased any yet as my hair was only done on saturday, but with my black hair i used to wear clip ins. I always thought bleach would ruin my hair but it is completely fine and still as smooth as it was previous and i wouldnt mind if it went a bit more coarse as it means it will back comb better as my hair is always too soft that back combing drops out. I decided to go this shade for summer as its much warmer on my skin tone. Hope you guys like my new colour and let me know what you think.This by the way was my bank holiday outfit and they are from the following : Dress – H&M, leather jacket – Zara, Shoes – a cheap boutique, necklace – Miss selfridge. xx FUDGE HAIR DYE 6.5FUDGE HAIR DYE 6.5.jpg2

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