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Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis

Chanel 563  Vertigo Le Vernis review and swatche


Every time a new collection for Chanel is released I can’t help but make a mental wish list, they always come out with something I just HAVE to HAVE.

Their latest Autumn/Winter range was of course no exception. From the minute I saw the sneak peak images I had two ‘must buys’ already marked out. One being the bottle of plummy goodness above, and the other a beautiful peachy pink lipgloss, which, just so you know I resisted.

There’s only so many of these kind of shades a girl can have you know. Yeh right, who am I kidding, this time next week I’m sure Caprice will be mine too!

But until then, this is Vertigo. Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis 563


I had thought writing this review was going to be simple, but like a lot of Chanel’s recent polish creations, Vertigo, isn’t the easiest shade to describe. 

On first impressions and as you can see in the bottle, Vertigo looks like a deep, warm burgundy with subtle plum shimmer running through it. Autumn perfect, right?

Well, when swatched it’s not quite.

On the nailsChanel Vertigo Le Vernis nails
On the nail, this colour is absolutely nothing like what you think it’s going to be. Instead of being warm toned, it’s cool. Instead of having the dimension the bottle promises, there is none. And, instead of  being a rich plum, it’s actually essentially a soft, greyish black.So… as you have probably established, nothing like what it says on the bottle then!
Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis on my nails  – Close up!Chanel Vertigo Le Vernis swatch
While I expect to some, this is no doubt a bit of a let down. For me, however, although it isn’t quite what I had bargained for, I do love it and can see myself wearing this A LOT. In fact, I’ve already re-painted my nails with it three times in the past ten days if that’s anything to go by.The formula is just so damn nice, and because it’s one of those rare one coat perfect polishes, it takes no time to apply at all.I know the colour is slightly misguiding, but trust me there’s still something quite special about Vertigo. It has this ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality similar to Paradoxal or Particuliere that keeps me going back for more.

I’ve also heard the polish Frenzy is worthy investing in too? Thoughts?