Chanel: Perfection Lumiere review and swatches – beige 10

Chanel  Perfection Lumiere – fluid foundation review SPF 10

Ever since the promo pictures for Chanel’s latest foundation ‘Perfection Lumiere’ were released in to cyber space a few months ago, I had been counting down the days till it finally hit the UK high street on January 13th..
 Chanel Perfection Lumiere (#10)
This foundation is set to replace my ever loved Pro Lumiere (now discontinued, waaa!) as it is supposedly moisturising and mattifying.. which is an interesting decision on Chanel’s part. Perfection Lumiere also claims to offer 15 hour wear, spf 10 and 20 shades suitable for all skin types.

chanel perfection lumiere

In fairness to Chanel, it does give a flawless and mattifying finish and smells gorgeous and peachy as always but to me it just feels like Pro Lumiere.. just not as moisturising.. and more expensive.. DOH!Chanel Perfection Lumiere (#10) review
The packaging and glass bottle are preeeetty much the same (30ml) but it is a bit shorter and fatter in shape and size than the Pro and Mat Lumiere. I do like this foundation, but personally I would probably choose to wear this if I was going out somewhere or had a busy day ahead. You can definitely tell that you’re wearing make up, is this a good thing?! I’m still deciding.
I do feel for the people who prefer more sheer foundations and have lost out on their Pro Lumiere for this, especially as it is even moreeeee expensive than it’s predecessors at £36.
I’d love to try more of it and keep you updated, but for now I’m still reaching for my make up bag staple, Vitalumiere Aqua.
Here is a few swatches of  Chanel Perfection Lumiere  – beige 10
Chanel Perfection Lumiere (#10) swatchChanel Perfection Lumiere on handChanel Perfection Lumiere (#10) photoChanel Perfection Lumiere (#10) review and swatch