CHANEL: My Face Essentials

One cosmetic brand that I absolutely could not live without is Chanel, it’s my go-to counter whenever I’m in any department store. Although seasonal lines may change I have 4 items that I NEED everyday in order to look half awake/alive/normal.
I do not photoshop any of my images so you can get the true effect of the products! I took these face pictures in good day light with my face
Firstly, I start with… ‘Le Blanc De Chanel’ or in my language, A sheer illuminating base (primer).chanel primer
This smells delicious and is an incredibly perfecting serum, it leaves a highlighting finish giving you that ‘glow’ that everyone seems to be after! It fills in all my pores and perfects any uneven skin tones, sometimes I don’t even need to use foundation afterwards and if I’m in a real rush I could leave my make up routine there. It comes with a white spatula so you don’t pour too much out when you use it.. quite right too for £29!
Then I reach for my two favourite
I prefer the Vitalumiere Aqua (Left, £31) for everyday because it is so sheer and looks much more natural whereas Pro Lumiere (Right, £33) gives higher coverage, ideal for going out. The only downside to the Vitalumiere Aqua is that you do need both primer and setting powder because it is so sheer, and you don’t want it to melt off your face after an hour for the price you pay for it. But it is still very very good and the best foundation I’ve ever tried! Both have that scrumptious ‘Chanel’ smell and velvet feel, however, there’s no getting away from it, they are VERY expensive.
I finish with the Mat Lumiere Luminous powder
But this is a jaw dropping £36! I’d love to say that it’s completely worth the money.. but I’m not totally convinced. I have combination-dry skin so some days wearing powder would just look so ridiculous and dry my face out more! So I probably wouldn’t repurchase this one, although my lovely jubbly boyfriend bought this for me, tee hee. It comes with a sponge as part of the compact but I find that it can sometimes make my face look chalky, I prefer to apply it with a big complexion brush for a more natural look. If you have slightly oily skin, and a generous budget, this powder is calling out to you!
chanel face2
P.S. who else is waiting for Perfection Lumiere in the UK!? *swoooooooon!*

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