Here is my review of CHANEL GRAPHITE  !


Does anyone else buy cosmetics they love so much and then don’t use it in fear of “wasting it?” Yup, that’s me… I’ve had Chanel Graphite for awhile now and only used it once on my toes. I was amazed because the polish only took one coat and it lasted 2 weeks without chipping! So this weekend I decided to finally use it again and stop hoarding it just to look at it. What’s the point of buying cosmetics you won’t use? 

I know Chanel Graphite is “old news” but I couldn’t help but get excited about this post. My reason: at the last minute I needed to paint my nails, so I applied it in the car (calm down, I wasn’t the one driving) and in the DARK! This is how amazing this polish is, I’m not the best at applying polish, and I only applied one coat. Not bad, if I do say so myself!!!!! 

It’s only been a couple of days but it still looks pretty good! And I must say it looks awesome even in dim lighting! Pure Gorgeousness!



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