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Hay everyone, here is my review and comparison of 2  CHANEL FOUNDATIONS : VITALUMIERE AQUA VS PERFECTION LUMIERE .

Sorry about the lack of posts recently.
I have been out enjoying my summer and spending as much time with my friends as possible as we are all soon separating to go to university again 🙁
I have also not had the funds to buy a lot of beauty products recently and since I only want to review products that I would want to read about too I was not going to buy some cheap thing that is of no use just for the purpose of spewing out a blog post. Unfortunately/fortunately, I came to the end of my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation and was then forced to spend some dolla!
Although I was completely besotted with the Perfection Lumiere, I felt inclined to troll the beauty counters with my mumma trying new foundations. I know I have repeated myself a million times but just incase you are a newbie on this site I have very pale, oily skin which makes picking out a foundation tricky as anything with a ‘dewy’ finish usually makes me look like I’ve just run 100 miles. I should also mention that since being on the skin/contraceptive pill Dianette my acne has dramatically improved. So, with this in mind, I went on a search for a new foundation knowing that if I was not impressed I could just return to my trusty Perfection Lumiere.  VITALUMIERE AQUA VS PERFECTION LUMIERE
Perfection Lumiere obviously wins the nice looking bottle contest 😉
The first one I tried was the new YSL Touche Eclat foundation as I have only heard good things about it. On first inspection it looked quite promising but then the lady at the counter insisted on applying shades to me that were obviously too dark to make it look “warmer” which was a shame because I probably would have bought it if she wasn’t go annoying. I went to Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Dior and saw nothing that wowed me enough to give up the Perfection Lumiere. Disappointed, I headed over to the Chanel counter to buy my staple favourite and I was suddenly struck with the urge to try the Vitalumiere Aqua as I have read positive things about it online. I was wary of the dewy finish and the colour but as soon as the lovely lady applied it to my face I was sold, bought it and left. After using it for 3/4 weeks now I can now say wholeheartedly that it is the greatest foundation I have ever used.
Sorry, this has been a very long way of saying – in the post I am going to compare the two foundations (Perfection Lumiere and Vitalumiere Aqua) incase you are trying to decide between them and wondered about the differences like I always did.
Let’s start with their colours… SwatchesVitalumiere Aqua - 10 Beige,Perfection Lumiere - 12 Beige Rose
(Left: Vitalumiere Aqua – 10 Beige / Right: Perfection Lumiere – 12 Beige Rose)
Perfection Lumiere comes in almost twice as many shades as the Vitalumiere Aqua winning 16 to 8.
Above and below are pictures of the two lightest shades in each range. It is obvious that the Vitalumiere shade is much yellower than the Perfection shade and is less suited for my skin tone. I am warm undertoned so pinky foundations suit me – if you have cold undertones you will suit the yellower foundations. I would say however, that although the pictures and immediately in real life they look dramatically different, when blended out properly there is not a massive difference in colour as you can hopefully see in the pictures of me wearing both of the foundations later in this post.
Directly below is a picture of the blobs above reasonably blended to further the colour difference. CHANEL FOUNDATION  blending
Now onto the finishes of the foundations. Perfection Lumiere promises a flawless, matte finish and medium to heavy coverage. I would say that it delivers in all of these things. When applying this foundation it is obvious how thick and matte it is. You really do need to apply it as quickly as you can because if you do not it sits on your face in spots looking quite cakey and orange. On initial application it can also be quite daunting. I found that I needed to leave the foundation for about 5 minutes before I thought it looked quite natural on my skin. However, that does not mean this foundation ever really looks natural on your face. I have tried applying with fingers, foundation and blending brushes and no matter what you can never really achieve a truly natural look with this foundation. You always look relatively done up and you are always aware that you have foundation on. Your skin is not really allowed to breathe as everything is completely covered which I supposed allows the product to live up to it’s “perfection” name.
Below is a picture of my horrible, spotty, naked face to illustrate the colour of my skin for you followed by a picture of the Perfection Lumiere foundation. Nothing used underneath it except moisturiser. Hopefully it illustrates to you how truly matte it is. face before foundationchanel foundation Perfection Lumiere photo
Perfection Lumiere
 Vitalumiere Aqua promises that it is an “unprecedented sensory experience”. I wouldn’t go that far but it is good! As it says on the bottle, it is light and feels like a ‘second skin’. This foundation is much easier to apply as it is so light and easily manipulated. You absolutely MUST remember however to give the bottle a good shake before using it as if you don’t a whole load of weird water comes out before any actual foundation. As an oily skinned girl I genuinely thought this foundation would be a disaster for me but I can honestly say it is not. It gives that natural glow without looking oily and also feels so light on the skin. I genuinely think that this is a game-changer for oily skinned women who are sick and tired of wearing heavy foundation to control the oily.
Hopefully you agree that it looks fresh and natural on me below 🙂chanel foundation Vitalumiere Aqua photo
Vitalumiere Aqua
 I have no other make up on in either of these pictures to try and give the truest illustration of their finishes (they photos were also taken in natural light).
In the end, these foundations are absolutely wonderful and I am glad that I have them both. They have the same lasting power and both contain SPF to keep you protected.
I still use my Perfection Lumiere for nights out and it gives me wonderful coverage and finish throughout the sweaty night! I would say however that when I apply it before going out I am shocked that I used to wear it on my skin everyday because it is really THAT thick.
So, it really is up to you! Hopefully you have been able to see their differences in this post and worked out which one is for you but I would honestly recommend both for almost everyone if applied in the correct way but for now I am sticking with the light Vitalumiere Aqua as Perfection Lumiere is just a little bit too “perfect” for me 😉
Do any of you have any of these foundations?
Can you suggest another foundation that is not Chanel for me to try?
I have never found any as good as theirs.