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Chanel Angled Powder Brush N°2 & Blush Brush N°4 review

Hi girls here is my CHANEL ANGLED POWDER BRUSH N°2 & BLUSH BRUSH N°4 review!

Around Christmas I added/replaced quite a few of my old brushes and I thought I would quickly review them. I don’t have a lot of brushes (literally one or two for each purpose) so unfortunately I wont be able to comment or compare them to brushes by other brands. Today will just be the two face brushes I purchased from Chanel. I will talk about the Chanel and Japonesque eye brushes the next time.



Chanel Angled Powder Brush N°2 £42.00 (Made in China)
I had been looking to replace my powder brush for a while and I was immediately drawn to this particular one because of the slanted shape. Although it is called a powder brush, it is also recommended for use with bronzer or contour powders. At £42, it is second most expensive brush in the collection (the N°1 Powder Brush is £44) so it may be difficult to justify for those that already have a powder brush (or brushes) they like.

The N°2 is a nice and soft brush, quite fluffy but still reasonably dense. As well as being angled, it has a nicely domed shape that is slightly flat at the top which makes it perfect for gently buffing powder onto the skin rather than to simply sweep it on. Buffing powder into the skin is better for my oily-combination skin because it lasts ensures a longer shine-free finish. The brush is quite large, and I only use it for face, bronzer or contour powders – I think it would be a little too large for blush. I have never had an angled face brush so I really enjoy how easy it is to contour with it.

It is as soft as I would expect of a brush at this price point, but definitely not the softest or most luxurious when compared with brushes from other high end or designer make-up brands. Unfortunately I don’t know what the hairs are made from and it does not specify on the box. As I have had the brush for a while, it has gone through numerous washes, and I am pleased to say that it retains its shape well (I always try to shape it tightly when wet to prevent bristles from splaying though). The only criticism I have of the brush is how much it sheds. I can honestly say that it sheds more or less every time I use it, and every time I wash it – which is a hugely disappointing.


Chanel Blush Bush N°4 £32.00 (Made in China)
The N°4 is quite a traditional shaped brush for blush application. It has a gently tapered rounded head, fully packed with soft natural hairs (don’t know exactly what animal) that makes it excellent for blush, highlighter or even contour application. It works well with all my powder blushes, both pigmented and sheer ones, and the smallish size – the brush head is just a tiny bit smaller than the Chanel JC blush pans – means it deposits the blush wherever I want it to be.

As with the Angled Powder Brush above, I continue to have problems with shedding for this brush. Not to the same extent as N°2 but often enough to be annoying. I probably wouldn’t have purchased this if I didn’t need to replace my old blush brush, or had I know before hand of it’s shedding problems, but to judge it solely on its efficiency and performance, it’s as good as they come.