Celebrities to Look Up to As Fashion Icons

Don’t you sometimes wish you could look like you just stepped right out of a cover of a magazine? Celebs and models off duty make looking amazing look so easy but for a lot of us, pulling off a cute outfit isn’t always the easiest thing. Sure, you can say celebs and models look great on camera and in print because they have stylists who do the styling for them but I’m sure we all love those celebs and models who look great off duty just as they do on cam and print. We all have at least one celeb we look up to as a fashion icon. Often, these are the celebs who embody the same personal style as ours. Check out these stylish celebrities to look up to as fashion icons.

  • Kelly Osbourne – I love how Kelly’s style isn’t necessarily based on trend yet she makes it look like it is. Her signature style is out-of-the box and will blow you out of the water every time you see it on TV. I also love how she rocks at being different and not being pressured to follow all the latest trends.

kelly osbourne color block outfit

snazzy kelly osbourne

  • Taylor Swift – she’s proven to us that she’s more than just a pretty face. Taylor is one of the most blessed and talented young celebs out there. She can sing, she writes her own songs, she’s crafty, she can play the guitar and, man, she knows how to put together an outfit! Taylor is often seen playing with either retro chic looks or preppy style ones and I think she’s nailed both styles to a T!

retro chic taylor swift sassy modern preppy outfit

  • Kendall Jenner – Kendall made the headlines recently for sporting that sexy, higher-than-high double thigh slit dress by Fausto Puglisi at the MMVAs and while a lot of people are saying that she should have gone for something a bit more appropriate for her age (Kendall Jenner is 18), I think that, with those legs and that smooth and sexy skin, she has every right in the world to work that dress. I just love how this young star doesn’t let what other people think change her style at all.

kendall jenner basic look street style kendall jenner

  • Giuliana Rancic – she isn’t part of the Fashion Police for nothing. Giuliana can put together a chic outfit in her sleep and you and I both know it! This Italian beauty knows fashion like the back of her hand and I love how she uses her knowledge to look fab and glam all the time!

g rancic street style cute outfit giuliana rancic

  • Victoria Beckham – former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was called Posh Spice back in the day and now we can see why. She’s always been the most fabulous out of all the five Spice Girls (for me, at least) and it shows in her designs for her own lines and collections.

victoria beckham black and white victoria beckham

  • Olivia Palermo – MTV The City star turned fashion blogger and model Olivia Palermo is the Queen of Street Style. You’ll never see this lady out on the street without drooling over her outfit and her look in general. Though she’s a master of street style looks, she never fails to look just as great for red carpet and other fancy and dressy events either.

spot on denim on denim olivia palermo street style ny fashion

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