Celeb-Inspired Black Turtleneck Outfits

Black turtleneck outfits, no matter how ordinary, can make you look classic and polished. Seek inspiration from these celebrities and be able to rock black turtleneck outfits like a pro.

Victoria Beckham

A true fashion pro, Victoria Beckham was not named ‘Posh Spice’ for nothing. Up to now, this mother of four makes style waves wherever she goes. With that being said, Victoria can make black turtleneck outfits look anything but boring. Get the posh look by pairing your black turtleneck with slimming high-waisted pants.

victoria beckham black turtleneck

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the face of rock chic. From her magazine spreads to her street styles, her black turtleneck outfits have made her look edgier than ever. Take cue from the petite model by layering your black turtleneck with a sleek blazer and ripped jeans.

kate moss black turtleneck

Olivia Palermo

Looking for black turtleneck outfits that you can wear whenever, wherever? Then take inspiration from fashionista Olivia Palermo. Whether you are off to the grocery or to the café, you’ll surely look classic by pairing your turtleneck with distressed denim.

olivia palermo black turtleneck

Another trend to try is to wear your black turtleneck outfits with a bright coat. Just like Olivia, you can pop out of the crowd – even if you are wearing a relatively simple garment.

olivia palermo black turtleneck outfit

Julianne Moore

For an elegant look you can take to a classy dinner date, turn your attention towards to Julianne Moore. Like her, pairing your black turtleneck outfits with sleek maxi skirts can create an expensive and impeccable look.

julianne moore black turtleneck

Kim Kardashian

Kim K has all the curves and she is not afraid to show it! In fact, she makes it known with her black turtleneck outfits. Flaunt your voluptuous body by wearing a pencil skirt or flattering trousers with your black turtleneck outfits.

kim kardashian black turtleneck kim kardashian black turtleneck ouitfit

Taylor Swift

The nerdy style is in, as Taylor Swift shows in her black turtleneck outfits. With this look, it’s all about accessorizing. Throw in a black beret and black-rimmed glasses for a glamorous nerdy look.

taylor swift black turtleneck

Alexa Chung

A celebrated model, Alexa’s off-duty looks have captivated the eyes of the entire world. Her penchant for short denim skirts – which she often wears with her black turtleneck outfits – is something you can try for a chic yet innocent look.

alexa chung black turtleneck outfit


Zendaya has a unique fashion sense, as seen in her black turtleneck outfits. Despite her questionable styles, her outfit here is a noteworthy fashion risk. Like Zendaya, you can mix the hard and soft elements by wearing your black turtleneck with a leather moto jacket and a dreamy tulle skirt.

zendaya black turtleneck

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