Celeb-Inspired Airport Style Trends

The long lines and the countless waiting hours – these are just some of the things that make airports very unsavory. While these are enough to dampen your traveling mood, you need not be a scrooge when it comes to fashion. Take flight like a rockstar with these celebrity-inspired airport style trends.

Jessica Alba: Hats Off

If you are headed for the tropics, then you should try Jessica Alba’s airport style trends. More often than not, she is seen in relaxed resort wear – topped with a stylish hat, of course. Bring some extra layers (such as a cardigan or a scarf) to keep warm in a cold airport or airplane.

jessica alba white hat

jessica alba airport outfit

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Bigger is Better

Despite their petite frames, fashionistas Mary Kate and Ashley are often seen in big, slouchy outfits. And why not? They make for comfy yet chic airport style trends. Like the twins, you can feel warm and relaxed in the airport by wearing an oversized coat and a plush scarf. Birkenstocks with socks? Why, of course!

olsen twins airport outfits olsen twins airport coats

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Fashion Chameleon

On the runways, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks like a demi-goddess. In the airports, she still looks like that – although with a more casual vibe. A true fashion chameleon, the model’s airport style trends are varied yet just as inspiring. The key to perfecting Rosie’s look? Layer creatively. Most importantly, don’t forget to wear shades, even if it’s nighttime!

rosie huntington-whiteley airport outfit rosie huntington-whiteley fashionable airport outfit

Kate Beckinsale: Jolly with Joggers

Jogger pants are tricky to wear, but actress Kate Beckinsale has shown that it can be the best piece for airport style trends. On multiple occasions, she was seen wearing slouchy pants. Although these are reminiscent of PJ’s, she manages to up the fashion ante by wearing it with attention-grabbing heels.

kate beckinsale grey joggers kate beckinsale printed joggers

Emmy Rossum: Comfy yet Girly

Airport style trends need not be uncomfortable to look precious, and the multi-talented actress proves just that. Whereas others lean towards the usual top and pants outfit, Emmy maintains her girly look with her cute dresses. To balance this, Emmy pairs her frocks with menswear-inspired oxfords – something that completes her trendy yin-yang style.

emmy rossum skirt emmy rossum dress

Cara Delevingne: Trendy Tomboy

Model Cara is known for her trendy tomboy styles on the red carpet. Like a true girl scout, she manages to incorporate her boyish looks to her airport style trends. What’s great about Cara’s style is that it is very comfy yet fashionable. Be inspired by the model’s looks by throwing on several casual pieces together for a laidback look that’s worthy of the red carpet.

cara delevingne in shorts cara delevingne airport outfit

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