Casual Cool Style Inspiration from Jacqueline Mikuta

Looking cool and effortless on your street style is one of the most stylish and most functional styles you can go for, especially in the summer months. Jacqueline Mikuta is a Swedish girl who has traveled around and studied in different cities in Europe such as Stockholm, London, and Barcelona. Since she’s well-acquainted with the effortless looks in major cities, she’s always spotted on her casual cool style that you might take inspiration from this summer. Keep on scrolling to scoop some tricks from her.

Resort to casual denim jeans, skirt, and shorts.

casual top with button front denim skirt

ripped jeans with breezy top off shoulder blouse with denim shorts lace top with cut off shorts crop top with embroidered denim jeans

Nothing says cooler than wearing your denim items on your street looks. Like Jacqueline, team your favorite cut-off shorts with a breezy top that will make your summer style fresh and effortless. Also, think of adding more creativity to your favorite jeans by decorating it with embellishments, or making those minor rips exaggerated. With a breezy top and denim bottom, you’ll create a casual cool style like Jacqueline while keeping your looks season-appropriate.

Don a pair of sporty sneakers.

breezy dress with sneakers pink jumpsuit with sneakers graffiti-dress with sneakers

Though summer sandals are perfect, resorting to sporty sneakers can be great to add some effortlessly cool look to your style. This of a graffiti dress that will look perfect with sneakers over sandals, as well as a funky jumpsuit paired with tennis shoes compared to pumps. Like Jacqueline, always keep your look balanced so you’ll keep that effortless vibe going. If you’re a dress type of girl, add some casual-cool vibe to your street style by toning down your outfit with a pair of sporty sneakers like Jacqueline did.

Opt for effortlessly cool dresses.

button front shirt dress retro floral lace dress red suede dress with boots colorful floral dress with sandals

If dresses are your favorite staples over jeans, opt for free-flowing and A-line styles that will keep your looks casual cool compared to tea dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, and bodycon dresses. Like Jacqueline, you may opt for a button-down shirt dress, lace-up dress, peasant dress, or retro floral dress that will still look chic yet casual look, perfect for the scorching heat of summer season. Also, embrace summer fabrics like linen, chambray, cotton, rayon, silk, and such to keep your fresh all day.

Don a cool pair of sunglasses.

tribal top with embroidered jeans sexy pink floral dress rounded sunnies with checkered jumpsuit boho grunge outfit with statement sunglasses

Though hats can give you that summer-inspired vibe, sunglasses will make your outfits effortlessly cool. Sometimes a floppy hat may look too sophisticated for a casual outfit and dress up your casual style so resorting to a pair of cool sunglasses, especially mercury and rounded ones will make your style effortlessly cool. Like Jacqueline, opt for sunglasses styles that will look perfect when worn with your casual and dressy outfits. Tinted ones like a pair of mercury sunglasses will add some hip and trendy vibe to your casual cool outfits whether it’s a jumpsuit, romper, maxi dress, or overalls. Indeed, a casual cool style can make your summer looks effortless and trendy.

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