Carolanne Roux: How to Add Some Texture to Your Outfit

We often love outfits that look stylish, fashionable, and extremely chic, without even knowing that the pull together look lies on contrasting textures, colors, and even prints. Launched her blog Heels on Gasoline in 2012, Carolanne Roux is a French fashion blogger known for her simple and classic outfits, yet impeccably fashionable. Looking for tricks how to pull off your simple outfits in a chic and stylish way? Add some texture to them by learning from our styling tricks.

denim skirt with knitted top and plaid shirt

knitted sweater with dress pants and hat knitted sweater with vest and skinny pants mustard sweater with skinny pants

To add some texture to your outfit, let’s start looking for your basic and classic ensembles that you already have on your closet. Though often taken for granted, wool knitwear like a turtleneck top, sweater, skirt, tank top, pants, and such are versatile and touch-enticing pieces that can simply add some texture to your casual denim jeans. There are fine knitted sweaters that feel lightweight and cozy, but chunkier knits are more stylish adding bold textures to your looks.

denim dress with leather jacket leather jacket with burgundy pants leather jacket with knitted scarf and sweater leather trousers with oversized coat

To add some edgy vibe to your outfit, resort for a leather jacket in neutral colors that are versatile enough to complement your typical set of outfits. Faux leather, genuine, leather, and even a patent version of leather with glossy fishy add some interest to your simple outfit. Feel free to search the racks for unique and stylish pieces that suit your personality. There are skirts, dresses, tops, and trousers that can be versatile too for adding some texture to your looks.

black lace blouse with colored jeans lace blouse with vest and skinny pants lace dress with hat and cute shoes lace top with leather vest and skinny jeans lace top with skinny jeans

For a feminine vibe, look for lace ensembles over leather ones. Lace crop tops, lace dresses, lace skirts, and lace blouses are some of Carolanne’s pick to channel her feminine vibe on her street looks. Even if you’re a fan of denim jeans, lace blouses can instantly add some chic and feminine vibe to your looks without looking overdressed or dramatic. Be careful piling on too many accessories with your lace pieces as they are prone to tears and rips. A structured bag, chic sunglasses, and feminine shoes may be enough to look fashionable and chic.

cashmere coat with colored jeans fluffy cardigan with velvet dress statement dress with jacket and boots statement vest with casual outfit tweed jacket with casual outfit winter outfit with beanie

For an assured relaxed style, better stick to natural fibers like cashmere, wool, fur and such that still touch-enticing without sacrificing comfort. Fur coats, cashmere sweaters, wool coats and such can be great statement pieces for your simple outfit as their textures are statement-making already. For a more fashionable style, Carolanne opted for printed versions of sweaters, coats, and blazers that made her street looks more creative and chic.

white shawl with boho chic outfit tailored blazer with gray pants structured hat with fall outfit snakeskkin shoes with classic outfit blanket scarf with edgy outfit

Though denim on denim, leather on leather, suede and suede became a trendy way of dressing these past few seasons, you may still add some texture with your accessories like Carolanne did. Wearing suede shoes, snakeskin heels, cashmere scarf, denim blanket scarf, straw hat, leather bag, velvet boots, and even knitted beanies is a great trick of adding some texture to your outfit. Just keep everything in moderation and be bold showcasing your layering skills to make a statement on the streets.

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