Cargo Blush review – Miami Beach

Cargo is one brand that I’ve never really gotten into, although I’ve looked at their products on a number of occasions they never seemed to grab me. That is, until I acquired their Suede blush in Sunshine Coast. I was so impressed with the formula I decided to treat myself to another one of their blushes a little while ago; the very sunny Miami Beach (although writing this now I have the “I’m in Miami b*tch” song in my head.) The “beach” blushes in the Cargo range are of the striped variety and Miami is one of the lighter, more peach-bronze shades in the range. As with all Cargo blushes they come in the generously sized tins. Cargo Blush review
Cargo Blush – Miami Beach Each of the shades in this blush are quite shimmery as you will see in the swatches below. However, like with the Suede Blush the shimmer is very finely milled giving an overall glow rather than a glittery mess. Be warned: Miami Beach is darker than most online images would lead you to believe! Cargo Blush – Miami Beach swatches L-R: Swirled together and then each stripe individually. Applied with a fluffy brush you can use Miami Beach to achieve a soft golden-bronze glow with just a hint of peach. It’s very pretty for summer and although it’s fairly pigmented, a light wash does look great to warm-up pale complexions. Natural Light Cargo Blush – Miami Beach lookCargo Blush review and look Flash I do like the fact that it has a golden glow as it negates the need for a highlighting shade, it also gives a warm, sunny glow without me having to reach for a bronzer as well. Thus it’s a quick and versatile shade to use; you can adjust the colour depending on what stripes you concentrate on in the blush pan. If I’m feeling like a little extra glow I use a small blending brush (such as a Mac 224) dipped into the lightest shade and then dusted over the apples of the cheeks to make them pop. Cargo can be a little difficult to get a hold of in Australia; although I believe it was stocked in Zuza stores at some point but I cannot find it on their website; also they were a little pricey from memory. I got mine from Apothica where they retail for $26USD; pretty good considering the current conversion rate!