Captivating Ways to Suit Up Like a Boss

Suits have become one of the hottest trends this year and with celebs, models and fashionistas upping their suit game with each and every red carpet event and street style snap, I’m pretty sure this trend will be sticking around a little bit longer which means you have plenty of time to enjoy it. Whether you’re wearing your suit to the office or as a street style ensemble, make sure you don’t look boring. Check out these captivating ways to suit up like a boss.

  • Do it in one color – the easiest yet one of the most chic ways to go about wearing a suit is to go monochromatic. This means you’ll have to sport the same color from head to foot. If you think this is too boring for you, though, you can always break up the monotony of the outfit with a bright belt or other colorful accessories. If you’re petite, you might want to keep it as pure as possible since sporting one color from head to foot can really make you look taller which is always a great bonus.

blue monochromatic outfit

head to toe pink suit kim k pure white suit plain black suit

  • Pick out pretty prints – black suits are easy and forgiving but they can be boring, too. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous today, why not try a printed suit? Choose from prints simple as pin stripes to something more fun and frilly as florals. Printed suits are also great for making a statement for days when you just feel like you want to stand out from the rest.

floral short suit fall plaid suit printed checkered suit printed cropped suit

  • Intentionally mismatch your suits – just because they came in pairs when you bought them doesn’t mean you have to wear them together all the time. Looking for a fun fashion adventure? Intentionally mismatch your suits, combining one piece from a certain set with another from a different one. This is perfect for wearing suits for your street style ensembles. Try wearing a plain piece with a printed one or maybe do your own take on the print on print trend with your suit. You can even wear just a piece of the suit set with other pieces for a more non-conventional look.

mismatched suit gold and green mismatched suit yellow and taupe candy colored mismatched suit

  • Keep it short – if you want to achieve a more casual / street style look, opt for a suit with shorts instead of trousers. This will give your look a more distinct street style vibe instead of an office-y feel. Shorts suits are perfect for brunching out with your girl friends or for spending the whole day out on a weekend. Wearing your shorts suit in a bright and bold color will make it even more fabulous. You can also get a more lady-like look with skorts suits.

short suit suit with shorts hot pink short suit blue skort suit

  • Man up – go for a suit that has a more boxy silhouette to give your look a little bit of that menswear inspired vibe. This is a great way to create an androgynous outfit if you don’t feel like sporting anything too sweet and girly for the day but also don’t want to go all out on the tomboy look. If you want to add a hint of sexy to this look, you can do so by wearing something tight or revealing underneath like a corset or a crop top or by simply leaving a couple more buttons undone on your shirt underneath your suit jacket.

loose fitting suit menswear inspired boxy maroon suit pink non fitted suit

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