Calorie Off Massage Shaper Review

Calorie Off Massage Shaper

Let’s get something straight: there is no way you can shed fat at a specific area of your body. A lot of people I know still think that doing crunches/sit-ups alone will eventually make the stomach flat. Wrong. So unless you are willing to watch what you eat and get some exercise, these would do nothing to your waistline. That being said, I really enjoy wearing my Calorie Off Massage Shaper. I’m not sure if it really does help burn calories like it’s advertised, but I notice that I have less noticeable cellulite than I do before. Also, when I wear the waist piece, I feel like I’m always reminded to keep my abs tight while I’m working out. Pretty cool!
Calorie Off Massage Shaper Review

Oh and yes, I do have cellulite on my upper thighs which I’m struggling to get rid of (or at least to minimize!). I’ve never tried creams yet, but if you got any product recommendation, I’d be happy to hear it.
Calorie Off Massage Shaper
I bought two Calorie Off Massage Shaper (one pair for the thighs and one for the waist) and one High Waist Hip Up Shorts from while they were having a promo price (not sure if they still have it – sorry). Each of them cost me not more than US$ 13. I think b-chics has top notch service, but I didn’t like the website much; too many fancy images that it takes a while to load the page.
Calorie Off Massage Shaper pack
For those who don’t already know, Calorie Off stockings have received quite a lot of raves in Asia, especially in Japan and Taiwan. The product claims to help burning calories and controlling cellulite with long term usage. The fabric has embossing design that creates friction during movement, massages the skin, and releases fat.

To be frank, I never really bought it expecting to lose a lot of weight. I was just curious about why the product was selling so well and if it really could reduce cellulite.

If you’re wondering, yes, the stockings do have a unique embossing design that feels like it massages your skin, but you’ll get used to it eventually. And then it would just feel like you’re wearing something tight. Heheh. Don’t worry though, I don’t experience any discomfort whatsoever with these stocking, so I will continue using it.
Calorie Off Massage  Shaper
Out of the three stockings I own, I am least pleased by the thigh pieces. The fabric is pretty thin, so I have to be careful with my nails when I put it on. The other two (shorts & waist piece) have thicker and more durable fabric, though.

All in all, I think these products are okay. I mean, I’m glad that it helps with my cellulite but I don’t think it really could burn a lot of calories and shed fat in trouble areas of the body.