Cake Pops Recipe

Twinkle, twinkle little pop,
how delicious I think you are.
Round above and simply cute,
a yummy treat I’m about to scoop.
Twinkle, twinkle little pop,
oh how delicious I think you are!

Cake Pops Recipe

Cake Pops

Did I ever mention that I am great at writing jingles?  I am just kidding but I did have fun coming up with this little tune for my adorable cake pops!  I had extra vanilla batter from the White Berry cupcakes so I decided to make vanilla cake pops.  But I was more excited to use my cake pop machine that I bought for my mini doughnuts.  This is a very simple recipe and all you have to do is make the batter from the White Berry cupcakes.  Then scoop some batter into each hole of the cake pop machine and cook them for 5 to 7 minutes.  Take them out let them cool and then dip them in melted white chocolate and after pour some colorful sprinkles on top.  After place them each on pan cover with parchment paper and slide one cake pop stick in each one.  Then place them in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

How to prepare Cake Pops Recipe Preparetion of Cake Pops Recipe Delicious Cake Pops Recipe

You can use some ribbon to add a little cute bow on the pop stick.
Yammy Cake Pops Recipe


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