By Terry Lumiere Veloutee Foundation Review

Ok this will be my last foundation review for a while I promise! I am still obsessed with them, still want more and still look for them endlessly though. But this foundation just blows all other out of the water in my opinion… I mean it couldn’t look more perfect on the skin…really.

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee Foundation

I am sorry for the stock photo, but all I have is a sample pot with not much left in it for a swatch never mind my face. By Terry Lumiere Veloutee has quite a herbal smell to it when I first opened the pot and took a whiff. It  is quite a liquid texture, but not runny so that it would squirt out of its pump bottle (big plus). When I first applied this I expected it to be quite hard to blend as it is meant to be a matte foundation with ‘a radiance from within’, but I was so surprised how foolproof it is. I literally could not go wrong with it, it spread so easily all over my face with no caking in sight and it is very easily buildable. It is a true medium coverage to start off with and one more layer almost goes full coverage, but somehow it still manages to look like skin, I can still see my freckles.

Lumiere Veloutee is meant to camouflage wrinkles, hide dark spots and blemishes and sculpt the face with corrective coverage. “Its double anti-dullness and anti-blemish power offers a luminous, visibly rested, perfectly even and corrected complexion”. They have totally hit the nail on the head.

Here I am with no makeup on and practically just woken up. Yes I have my Curlformers in, I slept in them last night.

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee Foundation-bear face

Here I am with 2 layers of foundation on. BIG difference no!? I cant get over how good this foundation looks on!

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee Foundation-on 2 layers

And the finished look.

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee Foundation-finished look

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee Foundation Review

It photographs beautifully with a youthful glow while not looking oily… because it is a matte foundation. With this however I do need to make sure that I moisturise well underneath as it can feel a little drying and tight, another thing to note is that I have one or two blemishes that are nearing their end, so they are quite dry and this foundation accentuates those areas, you can see one tiny white dot down near my chin, but that is all. it will be gone tomorrow hopefully.

It lasts very well throughout the day as well with no patchy areas or settling in my smile lines like every other foundation seems to do.

The downside to this is… wait for it… its £63.50. Ouch.  It really saddens me too, because I love itso much but in my opinion it is worth the purchase for completely flawless skin. Well my birthday is coming up… *hint hint Tommy*

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