Busy Girl’s Guide to Staying Stylish

Whatever it is that’s keeping you busy, be it a job, your kids, your business, or whatever else, you should never forget to take some time out of your day and use it for yourself. You don’t have to have half a day to yourself to look good and stay stylish. The trick to staying so is knowing which styles work for you and then mastering them. Check out this busy girl’s guide to staying stylish for tips and trick on how to look your best despite being at your busiest.

  1. Master the art of the monochrome – monochromatic outfits are perfect for busy girls who want to stay stylish and chic. You can plan this ahead of time or you can simply grab pieces in the same color family right before you go to work and you’ll still look great. To keep it from looking boring, be sure to do some texture play.monochromatic outfit in teal
    monochromatic outfit in army green by kendall
  2. Invest in good quality, stylish blazers – always on the go for work? Treat yourself to some really good quality blazers with stylish designs. Sometimes, all you really need to pull and outfit together is a good blazer and when you’re busy and always on the go, it’s the easiest thing to throw on top of your outfit to give it that boost.simple outfit street style simple look semi monochromatic
  3. Create a uniform – yes, dressing up however you like is one of the privileges of being an adult but not everyone has the luxury of time to actually put together lavish and elaborate outfits for hours on end and that is where a uniform comes in. You don’t need a wardrobe full of gray shirts like Mark Zuckerberg or anything like that, just try to find a ‘look’ that works for you like a button down top paired with sleek trousers and finished off with heels and work around that look when buying piece to add to your wardrobe.turtle neck knit top chic knit sweater and pencil skirt
  4. Have something colorful handy all the time – getting tired of the same old look every day but still can’t find the time to do a style revamp? Just add something colorful to your look come to life. Your colorful piece can be as subtle or as loud as you want, depending on the look you’re going for.full skirt retro look fab outfit for work
  5. Get creative with the classics – keeping up with the trends can be a tough game and if you haven’t got much time on your hands, it gets tougher. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to always be on trend to look stylish. If you’re a busy girl, make sure you have a lot of the classic staples in your wardrobe. They’re fairly easy to style and get creative with, even when you don’t have much time to plan your look.basic outfit stylish outfit atheisure trend


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