Burlesque Ball

Burlesque Ball


Last Friday night I attempted to get pin up perfect and inject some good old Hollywood glamour into my life, after luckily receiving a last minute invite to a burlesque ball.

Needless to say I didn’t have any feathers, fans or flapper dresses hanging around in my wardrobe, so my outfit for the night was a little more 60’s than 20’s.

The dress/tunic btw is gorgeous and was a spur of the moment purchase from New Look, you can find this slightly festive, floaty number here if it tickles your fancy.
Burlesque Ball1
Thankfully, the dress code at The Blue Ball wasn’t to wear an obligatory corset but to merely adorn myself in an item of blue.

I don’t own much blue but luckily two of my favourite accessories are navy, the heels are Carvelaand the handbag is vintage Chanel circa 50’s/60’s I believe; my mums in antiques and it’s her best find to date!
Burlesque Ball2
Whilst sipping champers myself and fashionista, Anne, perused the vintage stalls and of course the cupcake stands.
Burlesque Ball3

Anne from the SatiricalStylist.
Burlesque Ball4

Burlesque Ball5

Sadly I refrained from purchasing a pair of nipple tassels; I’ve only just accomplished the red lip so I don’t think I’m quite ready for the pasties just yet!
Burlesque Ball6
What vintage night would be complete without getting your fortune told, right?

Things are on the up btw :)!
Burlesque Ball7
The gorgeous, Georgian venue was perfect for the event, vintage lux at its best.
Burlesque Ball8
A woman who’s certainly perfected the pin up look is vintage vamp, Talulah Blue, the organiser of this fabulous shindig.
Burlesque Ball9
Her makeup was just flawless, bold brows, huge lashes and a scarlet pout; I love this look.

It put my attempt to shame, and talking of my attempt I will post my fotn (face of the night) tomorrow if your interested?

Anyway on to the fun stuff, I suggest you look away now if you adverse to a bit of nudity, although this is tasteful I can assure you!
Burlesque Ball1o

Talulah Blue

Having never been to a burlesque show before I had no idea what to expect, I thought there may have been a few ‘look away’ moments but thankfully there were none; in fact I couldn’t take my eyes off the girls!

There were five dancers and each one’s routine was beautifully executed, slightly cheeky but at the same time effortlessly charming.
Burlesque Ball11

Beau Rocks
Burlesque Ball12
Emmanuelle Claire

Burlesque Ball13
If Beau Rocks (above) can rock retro roots then I can surely? Hurrah!!

Backstage was like being in a different era completely, it was clear to see these girls lived and breathed burlesque glamour even in their time off, super inspiring.
Burlesque Ball14
Millie Dollar having a cheeky cigarette, she even makes smoking look classy!
OMG how white do my teeth look?’

Burlesque Ball15Hope you enjoyed this post, I couldn’t wait to share some of the 200 (yes, that many) photos I took from the night.

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