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Budget Work Perfume



Today i am chatting about some cheaper fragrance options on the market. I spray like mad, constantly top up and flit and change fragrance like i don’t know what, so here is some of the best i have found.

Orange Fizz – This smells like Fanta, i have reviewed it separately and for value for money, this is one of the best out there, its so orangey its unreal but if that’s not your cuppa tea, there is several other love heart inspired fragrances on sale as well!

Yardley – Royal Diamond  – I picked this up on a whim, and its a lovely sharp fresh scent, and nothing like you would associate with Yardley, it lasts well and really is a summer scent, at about £5 its well worth the pennies.

So,,,? Rock & Roll Range – This is aimed towards a slightly younger market, but some of the fragrances are divine, i again reviewed these, and i love the scents , alot are fruity and sweet with some lovely fresh bottom notes.

Natural Collection Sprays – At £2 a pop, these are great. With every scent imaginable there is something for everyone, i really do love the passion fruit, as well as the apple and lime for something that is slightly more perfumed!