Bryan Boy: Flaunt Your Signature Style


Fashion is creative and expressive. And your signature style is a means of showing your individuality through fashion. It represents you, your inner core and your style. A pioneer in fashion, Bryan Yambao, gave an exemplary example in expressing his individuality through his signature style.

New York-based Bryan Grey-Yambao, a Filipino fashion blogger and a former web developer, is now one of the pioneers in the fashion industry all around the world. He is also one of a handful of antagonists in the fashion journalism. Bryan is working closely with the big brands in fashion including Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, H&M, Coach, Karl Lagerfeld and Prada.

black top and patterned pants Bryan Boy

Bryan Yambao shows his individualism and signature style through his blog, Bryan Boy. Bryan keeps his blog very personal, he’s frank, straightforward and open about his opinion on pop culture and designer collections. He considers his style blog as an online journal of his life stories, experiences, and travels.

deep green shawl Bryan Boy beige coat Bryan Boy

 His unique head-turning looks show his individuality.  His signature style is his eclectic and bold style. “I like to break traditional rules of dressing by combining things that are not meant to be worn together.” he stated in his interview. His androgynous and fun style – playing with loud prints, strong accessories, and different textures – shows how deeply he values individuality on fashion. He’s truly an exemplary example for all of us to be brave in expressing our true self by the clothes we wear.

checkered jacket with hood Bryan Boy checkered jacket Bryan Boy checkered jacket side Bryan Boy

Just like a fingerprint, expressing your individuality makes you different, unique and one of a kind. You may have look-alikes, but your every detail makes you special and different from anyone else. Don’t fall into a trap of being a fashion victim or fit yourself into the trends for people to accept you. Like Bryan, be brave to be you.

military pants Bryan Boy gray suit and boos Bryan Boy gold pants Bryan Boy

When you know your “signature look” and embrace it, you follow your own rules and standards in your life. Your confidence and self-esteem soar because you know you are being the real you. It won’t matter what anyone says about you. You love what you see every time you look in the mirror.

vertical stripes sweater Bryan Boy navy blue suit shorts Bryan Boy

You don’t have to compete with anyone. As what Reese Witherspoon has said, ‘There is no winning. You’re never going to win the thin race. You’re never going to win the pretty face. You’re never going to win the smart race.’ But you can be the best version of yourself.

yellow coat and statement shoes Bryan Boy statement pants Bryan Boy Yellow top Bryan Yambao

Remember, life isn’t about being accepted by everyone else. It’s about accepting and loving yourself. And now that you already have a bold description of yourself, be unique, different, and one of a kind. Flaunt your signature style and stand out from the crowd.



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