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Brow zings brow shaping kit review

Brow zings brow shaping kit dark  review :

You have no idea how long I have been waiting to get my hands on this beautiful Brow zings  brow shaping kit, I have been on a training course for the last 6 months and could not justify spending £22.50 on it. So i bought a cheaper palette to make to, but it was nowhere near as good as this one is. Yes it sounds like a lot of money, but when you think it will probably last you up to 2 years it’s actually not that bad.

They look much more natural than when drawn on with a pencil, I have always been conscious of my eye brows, well since i was 14, so that is almost 10 years worth of me pencilling my eyebrows in.
I bought the shade in dark and the biggest issue I’ve always had, due to my skin having a red undertone is that pencils or anything I’ve used tend to give them and Orange colour and i hate that, so i will admit that when i use this kit i do also put a little bit of really dark brown/black liner through my brows just to dim that down, but that’s something I’ve always had to deal with anyway, but in the above picture that is just the benefit kit.Brow zings brow shaping kit dark
Brow shaping kit  is very long lasting.
Instead of using the brushes that came with it i do use a long handled angle brush, but that’s just because i prefer the long handle.

The wax doesn’t feel sticky or gooey either which is a bonus and holds the powder in place perfectly. Brow zings brow shaping kit tutorial

As you can see it’s very sleek/compact and comes with instructions on how to use it, but if you pop into debenhams I’m sure the benefit make up gals will give you a helping hand and let you test them out.

Before :Brow zings brow shaping kit before

and after:

Creating a shape for eyebrows Brow zings brow shaping kit review in dark

Finished look:

Brow zings brow shaping kit photoBrow zings brow shaping kit dark review

Brow zings brow shaping kit is definitely one of my must have products now. it has secured it’s permanent place in my make up bag. thankyou benefit, I love you!

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