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Britney Spears Fantasy Fragrance Oil Review

Hi girls here is my Britney Spears Fantasy Fragrance Oil  Review!

I am probably the most inconsistent blogger ever, and I feel so terrible because it makes me like I’ve lost touch with my followers. I just wanna say I miss you guys. I recently joined a hospital, and I’ve been on call every single day, for like 14 hours a day, so I hardly get time to sit and do things for myself. How about you forgive me, we start all over again, and become BFF’s? 🙂

I did do quite a bit of shopping, so I could’ve done a haul post at least, but I kept postponing taking pictures of everything at the end of a long day. I considered taking pictures later, but I hate posting hauls if the items become a little old. Somehow the excitement to share my haul dies out after a few laundries or uses.
On a completely unrelated note, I am obsessed with perfumes and collecting them, and I have found a much better and cheaper alternative to many designer perfumes. There’s this fragrance oil shop which imports these really high quality designer fragrance oils, so I’ve started to collect many of them. This one being my favorite of the ones available:

britney spears fragrance oil

Fragrance oil of Britney Spears Fantasy

My previous experiences with fragrance oils have been really bad, with the scent fading pretty soon, and before I can finish the bottle, the remainder smelled like vegetable oil…yuck! This on the other hand, the scent stays on my skin and clothes til it’s washed, and even in the bottle it is unaltered til the last drop, so I could really tell the value of this stuff. I just need to use a drop because this is pretty concentrated.
I was thinking of doing a giveaway with this (well, not this specifically, but whatever perfume you ladies preferred, provided that it’s available here), but then I think shipping might be a problem. Let me know if you ladies think it’s a good idea, and I’ll look into the shipping matters. If liquid things are out of the question, then I would like your suggestions on a future giveaway, because I’ve been dying to do one; seems like so much fun!
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