Brioche Nutella French Toast Recipe

Brioche Nutella French Toast Recipe

This week on my blog I have decided to dedicate it to sweets!  I know I know this is a health food blog but why are we going to deprive ourselves with one of the most amazing things in the world.  I say as human beings we have a right to indulge once in a while into something sweet and divine.  Like they say “Forget love, wouldn’t you rather fall in Chocolate?”  Personally I prefer to fall into both at the same time ha ha.  So to start off Sweets Week on Food Atick I thought it would be a great idea to share with you an amazing recipe for Nutella French Toast.  I have made all types of french toast with different types of bread but I have never used brioche bread.  So for this little project I was on a mission to find an amazing french bakery that would make it fresh for me.  I ended up calling Le Provence bakery in Brickell the day before I wanted to pick it up and told them I wanted a small loaf of brioche bread.  They charged me $8.00 and told me to pick it up the next day at seven in the morning.  So the next day I arrived there seven at night since there was no way I would make it there that early in the morning.  The bakery was adorable and had a cute area to sit outside.  They serve all types of french food for every meal and had some french snacks behind the counter.  I felt like getting something special for my boyfriend since he was waiting in the car for me so I got him his favorite dessert, some Creme Brulee.  So I pay for the dessert and then the man hands me this huge heavy bag of brioche bread.  I was stunned and took the bag and when I looked inside it had to be the biggest loaf of brioche bread I have every laid my eyes on.  Let me say for eight bucks that was a steal you can feed a family of twenty with that and have seconds.  So later that night I decided to take the beast loaf of brioche bread and slice it up for tomorrow morning.  Taking it out took four hands and just the smell of the bread was igniting all of my love scents in my nostrils to my taste buds.  Yup, not only did my eyes fall in love with such beauty but my nose and mouth had fallen hard too.  So I sliced up a few slices and stored them for the next day.  In the morning it was on and I was determined to make the best Nutella French Toast and I know that I did.  Enjoy the recipe my beautiful followers and don’t be afraid to lick the knife filled with Nutella cause I know I enjoyed doing it.

Brioche Nutella French Toast

Brioche Bread
1 egg
3/4 cup of whole milk or heavy cream
3 tbsp of all purpose flour
1 tbsp of melted butter and save some for frying the french toast
1 tbsp of granulated sugar
2 tsp of vanilla extract
Sprinkle of salt
Powdered sugar for garnish

Brioche Nutella French Toast Preparation

Begin to make Nutella sandwiches by getting two slices of brioche bread and spreading Nutella on one slice and sandwich it together with the other slice.  In a bowl whisk the egg, milk, flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, and the salt.  Pour the mix in a 19×13 dish and begin to evenly soak each side of the sandwiches.  Then grill each side of the sandwich for a minute on a buttered skillet on medium high heat.  Once both sides are cooked place it on a plate and drizzle powdered sugar and syrup.  Then the best part is to devour the whole thing!

How to prepare Brioche Nutella French Toast

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