Bright Colors to Add to Your Fall Closet

Fall fashion usually consists of warm, chunky clothes and dark and rich colors. It’s a far cry from spring and summer fashion and I know a lot of women who prefer fall and winter fashion over that of spring and summer because dark colors can look very sexy and flattering, especially when done right. Naturally, there are also some women who aren’t very thrilled with it because all the fun colors are often missing but that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can incorporate bright colors to your look without making it look like you’re stuck in spring and summer by making sure to keep the colors to a minimum. Here are some bright colors that you can add to your fall closet along with the dark fall basics.

  • Fire truck red – add some zing to your usual fall outfit by adding pops of red throughout the whole look. Any shade of red will do, really, but I just find that fire truck red has the right amount of brightness to make the perfect contrast against a dark outfit.

bright red shoes

red fall accents red fall outfit early fall outfit in red

  • Sunshine yellow – I almost wrote ‘mustard yellow’ for this one but I figured yellow is always better bright and mustard is a little… well, dingy, to be paired with darker colors so it tends to look even more dull and drab hence sunshine yellow. This shade of yellow brings so much cheer to a gloomy day (and outfit) and if you’re ever looking for something that’s sure to pop, this one’s for you. Also, sunshine yellow just seems to go well with every neutral color, from white to brown to black and gray and everything else in between.

sunshine yellow dress yellow fall cardigan yellow pants outfit cute yellow scarf

  • Hot pink – for all the Barbie-loving girls out there, here’s a fun color you can keep wearing with all the dark fall colors. If you’re looking for a color to throw in to the mix that’s sure to keep your look girly and cute, choose hot pink.

bright scarf and boots pink leather jacket hot pink beanie hot pink necklace

  • Bright orange – another great color to mix and match with your dark fall hues is bright orange. It makes a great statement accent color when worn with a dark monochromatic outfit but it melds pretty well with white and other lighter colors, too.

maxi skirt for fall orange coat orange outfit for fall printed orange scarf

  • Tiffany blue – if you’re looking for a classy, elegant color that has a very grown up and sophisticated vibe, try Tiffany blue. That color every girl dreams of seeing on a box with a little white bow on it is something that you can wear with all your other dark fall colors for a light pop of color.

tiffany blue knitted sweater tiffany blue sweater fab blue shoes

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