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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, Illuminating Brush Concealer & Healthy Balance Unifying Powder

Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation is probably one of the most consistently praised foundation on the high street today, and so it seemed only a matter of time before accompanying products would be released to capitalize on the success. As one of my favourite inexpensive brands, I can never resist trying their newest launches – especially base make-up which is one of my (many) cosmetics related weaknesses. I purchased the foundation a few months back whilst the other two items were more recent acquisitions.BOURJOIS-HEALTHY-MIX-SERUM-FOUNDATION-ILLUMINATING-BRUSH-CONCEALER-HEALTHY-BALANCE-UNIFYING-POWDER


 Illuminating Brush Concealer in 62 Beige Rose £10/1.5ml
First things first, I was an idiot and chose the wrong shade for my skin tone. 62 Beige Rose, the middle shade from a selection of three, is much too dark for my NC20-25 complexion to make any sort of brightening impact on my dark undereye circles. Exactly what skin tone would most benefit from Beige Rose, I couldn’t say, but the peachy tones should be good for anyone with medium to dark skin who has blue or green tinged under eye circles.

The formula is as one would expect from a click/twist concealer pen – thin, sheer and lightweight. Bourjois says this has light reflecting pigments; usually that means shimmer particles, but I haven’t been able to spot any so far. Due to the fact that I picked up the wrong shade, I haven’t been able to properly test this product. I currently use it mixed with another concealer, and I like it enough to go back for the lightest option. The twist up mechanism is good – a couple of twists deposits enough product for both eyes – and the brush tip is soft enough to use on the delicate eye area (although I personally prefer to dispence the product onto the back of my hand and apply with a concealer brush for hygiene reasons). The only negative thing I can think of is how little we get for the price. Concealers in these types of packaging are always stingy on product so if you want something that is better value for money, I would go with the original Healthy Mix concealer.


Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 52 Vanilla £10.99/30ml
I now have all of Bourjois’ liquid foundations, and I think they make some of the best foundations on the high street. Healthy Mix Serum applies smoothly, blends easily, and sets quickly to a semi-matte finish. It has a light coverage; it evens out my skin tone very well but is not opaque enough for any kind of skin imperfections or redness. It is difficult to pin point precisely how long this lasts on my skin because it is quite sheer, but it definitely starts to fade after 5-6hrs. 52 Vanilla should be a good match for those around NC20 – I typically use the 2nd or 3rd shade of Bourjois foundations.

One thing I did notice with this foundation is how much product I seem to use. Normally, one pump of foundation is more than enough for my entire face, but my skin seems to soak up this particular one (most likely because of the current season) and I often find myself using two or even three pumps. The original Healthy Mix has a much more creamy and hydrating formula in comparison, but not enough to be overwhelming for my combination-oily skin, so I am going to switch to that one for now, and save the Healthy Mix Serum for the Spring/Summer. Oh, and this foundation has the usual fruity floral scent!


 Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 52 Vanilla £8.49/9g
Powder has always been an essential part of my make-up routine, and a good one should immediately mattify the skin, soften minor imperfections (pores etc) and remain invisible to the naked eye. These are my personal requirements, and the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder ticks all the boxes. I prefer to use a powder brush to lightly buff a thin layer all over my face, but I have applied this using a sponge puff and the result has never been heavy or cakey. The powder is lightly scented and comes in four different shades; it doesn’t give much coverage, but it is not totally transparent either. 52 Vanilla is the lightest shade available, and should be suitable for anyone around my skin tone or lighter.

Bourjois says the powder is “enriched with exotic fruit therapy to restore and rebalance the skin” but after a quick glance through the ingredients, I’m guessing Kaolin (4th on the list) is probably the workhorses here in terms of oil aborption. The two fruit extracts (Sharon fruit and Yuzu fruit) are more or less at the end. I Google searched some of the other ingredients, and as well as the usual prescence of Talc (1st), silicones, and binders, Zinc PCA (7th) is supposedly effective for reducing the production of sebum in the skin. The powder claims to give “10hrs matte finish” but, even with these ingredients, I think it will ultimately depend on your skin type. For me, my t-zone becomes shiny after 3-4hrs, but those with a drier skin type may find the 10hr claim to be quite true.