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When I first started wearing make-up I always used to steal/borrow my Mums make-up remover which was from the Botanics range. I remember liking it because it was two different liquids which you would shake together and then put on a cotton pad. It worked really well but as a fourteen-fifteen year old I was also attracted to the gimmicky quality! Since then I tend to buy whatever is the cheapest in Boots, or just use a face wipe (although they never actually remove waterproof mascara!). So anyway last time I was in Boots all the Botanics range was 1/3 off as it had just been reformulated/branded, so I picked up the Eye make-up remover and the Toner.BOTANICS-EYE-MAKEUP-REMOVER-AND-CLEANSING-TONER-review

Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover (All Bright) – The first thing I noticed about this is that the colour has changed from the nice bright green to a muddy pink, not the most appealing! I gave it the benefit of the doubt though, and to be honest I am still undecided on whether I like it. It did remove my eye make up well including the mascara, leaving quite a bit of oily residue on my face, although that doesn’t bother me massively as I tend to cleanse the rest of my face afterwards which quickly removes it. As for the brightening hibiscus I can’t say it has really done anything, and my skin doesn’t feel brighter or smoother after using. I don’t understand why brands have to reformulate products which already work really well, it seems pretty pointless to me! While reading other reviews of this make up remover I noticed a lot of people have experienced irruption when using this, which I did not notice although I don’t have particularly sensitive skin. So I would say definitely give this a go as it might work for you but, be wary if you do have sensitive skin!

Botanics Cleansing Toner (All Bright) – This was a bit of a spur of the moment purchase that I bought as my previous toner (Simple) had nearly run out. Unlike the make up remover I really like this product. Again it is part of the All Bright range, however, I actually think that this brightens my face! My skin has definitely improved, not massively, but enough for me to think that this is good! I find that this is really refreshing which makes my skin feel tighter and reduce the size of my pores. So basically, I am a fan of this product! I know that a lot of people like the spray toner that Botanics make but when I bought this it wasn’t in stock, so I shall definitely try that out next time, so that I can compare!

So that is my thoughts on what I have tried of the Botanics range, I really like the toner so I may try a few other products and see if they are as good. I am really getting into skin care at the moment and my face is loving me for it!