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Borrowed from the Boys Beauty Finds

The ‘borrowed from the boys’ trend has become one of the most popular trends in fashion this year so instead of leaving there, we’re taking it to the next level by doing it with beauty, too! Yes, you can borrow from the boys when it comes to beauty and personal care. By that, we don’t mean using your man’s razor or sharing their products, no. What we mean is using what the men use. You’d be surprised at how some products for men are priced more affordably compared to those for women even though they practically do the same thing. Here are some borrowed from the boys beauty finds you’ll enjoy.

  • DEODORANT – if you’re not a fan of sickly sweet scents that women’s deodorants usually have, try shopping for deo at the men’s personal care section. A lot of men’s deodorants are either unscented or very lightly fragranced and these cost less, too.


dove men unscented deodorant application

  • SHAVE BRUSH – we love makeup brushes so why not take it a step further and try out a shave brush as well? A shave brush is used to apply shaving cream evenly on surfaces. Men use it primarily on their faces but nowhere does it say that you can’t use it anywhere else.

smooth legs shave brush six shooter

  • RAZOR – speaking of shaving, another item you should be picking up from the men’s personal care section are razors. For some reason, men’s razors cost less than women’s so if you don’t mind not having a pink razor sitting in your shower, I suggest picking up a plain one from the men’s department. What’s even better is that you get a closer shave with men’s razors compared to women’s.

gilette razor smooth legs after shave

  • HAIR GEL – as women, we tend to opt for hairspray more than hair gel. Men, on the other hand, tend to use more of the latter. Hair gel is actually a pretty good product to borrow from the boys. Not only is it useful for styling your hair and keeping it in place all day, you can use it to tame brows, too, in case you run out of your trusty brow gel.

hair gel hair gel slicked back lock

  • COLOGNE – if you’re looking for something sexy and spicy to wear on days when you’re not feeling like spritzing on some Prada Candy, try searching for a light cologne from the men’s department. Men’s colognes always have that spicy yet fresh zing to them which can be kind of refreshing sometimes. Not to mention, it’s kind of sexy, too, for a woman to wear men’s cologne.

mens cologne spraying cologne